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Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Fonality provides unified phone systems and applications for growing businesses. More than 27,000 businesses in 99 countries rely on Fonality to help them remove the friction that slows business momentum. Our customers select the deployment, voice connectivity and payment options that best meet their needs.

We are a team of 250+ engineers, support professionals, operations and finance experts, sales reps and marketers who work together to delight our clients and have a little fun.  We love communications technology.  We hate "telco speak."  We try to talk about our products in services in plain English, in a way that makes sense.  If we ever miss the mark, let us know.

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Our Commitment

No_Bull_CropWe only want happy customers.  That’s why we don’t  lock customers into big commitments. If you are not satisfied with your Fonality service, just let us know, and give us some time to fix it. If you’re still not satisfied, you can return any hardware or phones that we provided; and, we’ll part as friends.  

How can we be confident enough to make this commitment? Because, with more than 275,000 users worldwide, we have the best retention rate in the industry.  Our clients can leave us, but they don’t.   


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