Frequently Asked Questions

Fonality provides business phone service with integrated collaboration and contact center capabilities.  We are dedicated to helping remove the friction that slows business momentum so our customers can sell service and collaborate with ease.

Unlike many in the industry, we are not wedded to any particular deployment method. Customers can choose a fully hosted, cloud-based approach or you can have servers located in your own building. Either way, our clients get excellent service and value-added features.

Most people don't shop for phone systems very often and when they do, they usually have a lot of questions. Never fear, we have answers to questions you didn't even think to ask.

More questions?

We probably didn't cover every question. If you've got more, just fill in the details below and we'll reach out to give you answers.

Our Company

Where are you located?

Fonality is headquartered in both Plano, Texas and Seattle, Washington. We also have offices in California, South Dakota, New York, Australia, and the Philippines.

How long have you been around?

Fonality was founded in 2004.


Phone System Questions

What is a cloud-based phone system?

Cloud-based phone systems, sometimes called “hosted” or “VoIP,” are solutions that are hosted and managed by the vendor. The servers and software that run the system are located in the vendor’s data center. The only equipment the client needs on site are telephone handsets and a broadband Internet network.  

Why would someone choose a cloud-based phone system?  

A cloud-based solution is perfect for companies that want someone else to take responsibility for the management of their phone system.  It is great for those with little or no  IT resources and no telephony experience.  It is also ideal for multiple location businesses or those with remote workers.

What might make someone choose an on-premise deployment instead?

Customers in areas with unreliable Internet access may prefer a premises based deployment with traditional telephone lines used as either a primary or backup method of delivering calls.  Some clients are locked into existing carrier contracts, but don’t want to wait to enjoy all of the features of Fonality’s solutions.  In this case, Fonality can be deployed with the legacy PRI lines.  Finally, we understand that not everyone is ready to make the move to the cloud.  Fine with us.  That’s why we always ask, “Your place or mine?

Will I still need to buy phone service from my local telephone company?

Once again, you get to decide.  (We’re kind of like that.)  You can get VoIP service from Fonality with unlimited local, nationwide and Canadian calls for a monthly subscription fee, or you can keep your traditional phone lines, use SIP or even get VoIP from another provider.  

How much bandwidth is required for cloud-based voice service?  

We recommend an office have at least 10 Mb download and 3 Mb upload speeds for every 5 Fonality phones.

What’s it like to be a Fonality client?

Do I need an IT person to administer our phone system?

Absolutely not. Fonality is designed to make installation and use of our system hassle free. For clients with few IT resources, we do recommend the cloud-based solution.   

What if we have a problem – who do we call?

You can call, email or even chat with Fonality directly. Just call us or visit us here for a quick chat.

Do I have to commit for a long time?

No you don't. We only want happy customers. That’s why we don’t try to lock customers into big commitments. If you are not satisfied with your Fonality service, just let us know, and give us some time to fix it. If you’re still not satisfied, you can return any hardware, phones, or upfront discounts we might have provided, and we’ll part as friends. How can we be confident enough to make this commitment? Because over 25,000 businesses choose to stay with us every day, and even with more than 275,000 users worldwide, we have the best retention rate in the industry. Our clients can leave us, but they don’t.  

Sales and Service

How much does it cost? Can I get a quote?

Sure. You can request a detailed quote right now.  

How long does it take to start using Fonality  once we place an order?

There are a few factors involved, including your deployment option, location and phone number porting plan. For most customers it can be measured in days or weeks, not months. Our experts will be able to give you a good estimate for your exact circumstances.

Who trains my users?

Training is included with your Smart Start installation service. For customers who need more in-depth training, additional services are available.

We have a complicated call flow. Will you set it up for us?

Yes. Call flow setup is included in your Smart Start service.

Solution Features

Which features are included with Fonality?

Fonality includes more than 50 features that are common to business phone systems including; auto attendants, voicemail, call management, and more.  (Here’s the list.)  But, what’s really special about Fonality are our Heads Up Display collaboration portal and the built in contact center features we make available to all users.  

Does Fonality  have a complete call center solution?

Yes.  In fact, Fonality believes that almost every company can benefit from contact center features, so we include some with every subscription.  

Can we record our telephone calls with Fonality ?

Yes.  On-demand call recording is an available contact center feature. 

Is voicemail included? Can my voicemail messages be transcribed and sent to me by email?

Yes.  Voicemail is included.  Voicemail to email transcription is also available.

Which desktop telephones do you support?

We support both Polycom and Yealink phones.  Check out the list of available styles.  There’s one for everybody.

Can I use a softphone for telephone calls instead of a desktop telephone?

I take back what I just said.  There doesn’t need to be a deskphone for everybody.  Our Heads Up Display portal comes complete with an integrated softphone for people who prefer making and taking calls with a computer headset and microphone.