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    Manufacturing Company Cuts Costs in Half

    AMCO matting company reduces business phone costs with Fonality

    For certain businesses, knowing you have the support products and systems in place to ease day-to-day operations makes a huge difference. In industries as diverse as food processing or healthcare, people are likely to be spending long
    periods of time on their feet, so protecting their safety and the integrity of facilities is vital.

    That's where the Australian Matting
    Company (Amco)
    come in, as one of the

    nation's leading suppliers and manufacturers of anti-fatigue and anti-slip matting. Workers on the factory floor or in extended surgeries, for example, need to have the best safety and support material from the ground up.

    Being a supplier of such important equipment, Amco National Product Consultant Will Small  knows the value of systems that help an organisation to work better.

    That's why, when it came time to update to a modern business phone system, he chose Fonality.

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    A chance encounter

    Will's journey towards Fonality started at the breakfast table of all places, after putting the replacement of Amco's aging phone system on the back burner for some time.

    "When we moved into this building, the previous occupants left their phone system here, so we used that even though it probably came out of the Ark," jokes Will. "It was working and we ran with it for a while, as we knew a new phone system could cost about $10,000 to $15,000."

    That all changed, however, when a family friend who was staying with Will took a call one morning, but rather than reaching for the phone he opened up his laptop.

    "I had to ask him if he was feeling alright! He told me his boss had just begun using a new phone system which is pretty good, and turned his computer around and pointed the camera at me! I couldn't believe it."

    Making the leap to Fonality

    After his friend finish the conversation, Will asked for more information about the service. Conducting some research on his own, he later found that not only could Fonality's product let his
    employees communicate with each other from anywhere, it also allowed employees to connect with customers even if they were remote. To top it off, Fonality was the most affordable for Amco's needs.

    "We had four full-time telephone salespeople at the time ringing from 8:00 to 4:30 every day, and our invoices from were always coming in at over $1,000 each month. So I did the figures, and thought with Fonality some savings could be made," says Will.

    "Now our invoices are around the $500 mark, or even a bit under, so we've cut that phone bill in half with the added benefit of having modern internet phones."

    Preparing Amco for the future

    One of the greatest benefits of Fonality's office phone system is the scalability, an area that Will notes was a great selling point.

    "There's no wiring or installation, and if we want to upgrade our phones to devices with more features down the line, it can easily be done. We're streets ahead now, and have saved quite a few dollars."

    Fonality's services have clearly made life easier and less costly for Will and his colleagues at  Amco.