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    Philadelphia 76ers

    Philadelphia 76ers Score Slam Dunk with Fonality Business Phones 

    76ers logo“Fonality has also shown their commitment to delivering exceptional service and we’ve been so been impressed with the responsiveness and follow through - they are a truly reliable partner.” 

    The NBA 76ers have one of the longest histories in professional basketball. Ensuring their fans have the best experience is at the heart of the organization and top priority for Larry Meli, VP of Fan Experience and Ticket Operations. “Our goal is making sure we deliver a positive experience at every touch point our customer has with our organization - our business communications are vital to our success in achieving this goal,” says Meli. 

    Making the Switch

    With an upcoming move to a new building, it was apparent that the previous phone system wouldn’t support the communication needs of the organization.  Working with Ricoh representative, Andrew Goldner, the 76ers considered competitive bids from several major providers. “The 76ers needed a total solution that offered a high level of integration and features to enhance collaboration and increase efficiencies across the organization,” says Goldner.  The 76ers found the ideal solution and partner for their team with Fonality.  With innovative technology and advanced features to meet the organization’s communication needs today and well into the future. Ricoh also provided a contact for the ISP and offered the required union labor and installed cabling groundwork for both VoIP and Data.


    Get in the game

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    Innovative Technology Drives Collaboration and Efficiency

    The solution Fonality provided included a software based VoIP solution and Heads Up Display (HUD) , Fonality’s award-winning unified communications software that connects phones, desktops and mobile devices for maximum productivity and collaboration.  Meli believes Fonality has played a key role in enabling the organization to deliver the high level of customer service their franchise requires. “The impact on our staff’s ability to communicate and collaborate ultimately has improved our customer service and fan experience exponentially,” adds Meli.

    Beating Communications Complexity

    With dispersed departments on different floors and separate buildings, communications were not as simple or rapid, before Fonality. Using tools like Chat, Presence, Company Directory, Visual Voicemail and other features of HUD, the 76ers have optimized the level of communications within their very fast-paced organization. Fonality’s solution also provided robust features that allow communication in and away from the office. Features like Find Me/Follow Me, sales professionals can easily forward calls to the number of their choice and their calls are re-directed to them so they don’t miss important calls.  HUD Mobile keeps staff connected with all of the same capabilities they rely on in the office using their mobile or tablet device.  “With Fonality, we’re empowering our employees to be as efficient and productive on the road as they are in the office.”

    Top Notch Communication Tools Improve Organization

    The 76ers mean it when they say they’re committed to providing a personal touch. You’ll never get a recording when you call unless it’s after hours. There is a receptionist who greets every caller and routes calls accordingly. Incorporating the rich features and tools has made the life of the front-line person easier, and the customer experience better. “Something as simple as the receptionist sending a quick chat to let executives know there is a person in the waiting room is so much simpler - day-to-day task are so much easier with our Fonality phone system,” adds Meli.

    Service and Support Key Benefits

    New Call-to-action The 76ers struggled with reliability of service and poor call quality on their old phone system. “The sound with Fonality is so clear compared to our old system, we’ve had to get used to it,” says Meli. The improved communication platform has features that far surpass the team’s legacy system and the service quality and reliability has made the 76ers a fan of Fonality.  “I highly recommend any company searching for a more innovative phone system that can truly make an impact on their business to check out Fonality,” adds Meli. “Fonality has also shown their commitment to delivering exceptional service and we’ve been so been impressed with the responsiveness and follow through - they are a truly reliable partner.”