Fonality Call Rates

Standard Calling Plan

  • Includes Local and National calls in AUS.
  • Includes landline calls to US, UK and NZ.
  • Includes 60 minutes/user/month to AUS Mobile numbers (minutes are pooled across every user per account). Calls to AU mobiles will be charged at $0.12 per min thereafter, per sec billing, no flag fall. Calls to other mobile and international numbers are charged as per rate card. For further information of the rate card, please consult with your sales representative.
  • Calls to 13/1300 are $0.22 per call, untimed.
  • Calls to 1800 are $0.00 per call.
  • Incoming calls for 1300/1800 are $0.10 per minute (applicable only if you have a 1300/1800 number with Fonality).

*Fair use policy applies as noted in t&c's.

*** Rates are subject to change with due notice.

Click here for information about our international rates.