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    Since we announced our new partner program we've received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our partners. 

    To support and enable partner growth, we've crafted our program to provide dedicated marketing resources, including:

    • Revenue Your Way
    • Product Training
    • Sales Engineers
    • Channel Sales Manager

    We think that we offer the best product and program for revenue generation in the industry, but why take it from us? Here's what our partners have to say.

    Opportunity is Calling!

    If you'd like to learn more, just tell us a bit about you and we'll send you additional information about our partner program.

    I would like to thank both Fonality and HiTech solutions for the excellent service they have provided us over the past few years. I know that whenever we had any issues we simply needed to contact HiTech and they were more than willing to provide support until we had our fault resolved. Now during the time we have been using the Fonality Trixbox we barely had any faults worth mentioning as the faults were caused by inexperienced people making changes to the settings. HighTech were always able to either provide support via email, phone, or in worst case remote assistance via TeamViewer.

    For the times we needed to make changes to the system, i.e. adding new team members the web interface for Trixbox was easy enough to follow and made it easy for us to expand as needed. Having the HUD desktop app also made it very useful for the team to take calls from clients as they knew who they were talking too before the client need to say who called.

    - Llewellyn Pieterse, IT Power 

    “We’re a huge proponent of cloud solutions for SMBs, and have seen 95% of our customers make the move to hosted solutions for voice.”

    -  Jim Greenfield, Computer Troubleshooters of Metro New York

    "Fonality's support team have been amazing to work with. They go above and beyond to assist myself and my clients."

    Brad Smithen, Zthernet



    "We'd been working with another provider and the reliability has been disappointing. We learned about Fonality through a client as we were searching for a hosted solution that fit their needs, and we found a partnership with Fonality fit exactly what we were looking for."

    Leo Metz, Las Vegas Med IT 

    "Fonality has one of the most disruptive user interfaces in the market, it’s an amazing product, especially the Heads Up Display, with a million great features all in one location. Customers “LOVE” it, and that’s a strong word in telecom, with Fonality they really “LOVE” their system."

    - Lane Campbell, Syntress, LLC

    "Fonality provided us a great product in HUD plus the flexibility to offer premise and hosted solutions to our clients." 

    Thomas Sarentino, Metrotech


    "A Fonality HUD demo will sell itself. Fonality is easy to configure, manage, and use. When customers compare what they have now to Fonality features, they are wowed!"

    Tony Valez, PC Net

    "We chose to partner with Fonality because of their commitment to their channel partners. The product is solid and the options you have to apply to most real world situations is attractive. It is why I have chosen to standardize our VOIP solution on the Fonality system."

    Stephen Faulkner, Cybernut

    "We partnered with Fonality because of HUD functionality and the ease of use to build a Trixbox within our private network infrastructure."

    Greg Hough, Zthernet 

    "I partnered with Fonality because HUD is a great product that sets itself apart from the competition. Fonality also offers increadible support to their partners."

    Hector Serratos, Da Blue Box



    "I partnered with Fonality because my colleagues and clients raved about HUD and their experience with Fonality."

    Chris Pool, First Column Enterprises, LLC


    "Fonality is a great solution for medium-sized businesses. It has all of the functionality and features but at a fraction of the cost. Fonality is easy to install and loaded with robust features like HUD which really sets Fonality apart. Fonality is ahead of their time."

    Ikki Boudargham, Datatel Consulting

    "I needed the flexiblity of both a premise and hosted solution to offer options to my clients. Fonality provided that flexiblity plus a superior product that sells itself."

    Eric Faig, Diversified Communications

    “If you’re an MSP and not selling a voice solution, you’re way behind. Fonality offers a great solution and voice is a natural product extension to provide additional value to your customers you’re already providing IT services.”

    - Ryan Cody, Domain Computer Services

    "We chose Fonality because of their recurring revenue payouts. Fonality's subscription model fit our needs and our clients as well."

    Travis Welch, Paradigm Technologies


    "Fonality offers the most complete phone communication service with simple management tools for my clients."

    Erik Mullinix, Rainworks

    "I joined in 2007 because of several colleagues that were partnered with Fonality. I belive 100% in the business phone solution and I like how Fonality leaves open integration possibilities." 

    Cori Visi, GC Info Tech

    "We wanted a partner that would provide a level of care and support for us and our clients. Plus, our Account Manager at Fonality greatly assists our efforts to grow our client base."

    - Richard Halstead, OutTouch Ministries 

    "Fonality has cutting edge software with HUD and multiple deployment options." 

    Lance Stone, On Time Tech


    "One of larger customers introduced us to Fonality. They had great success with Fonality's HUD solution and so do the rest of our clients."

    Andrew Beam, MicroXpress




    "I became a Partner in 2008 because of the recurring revenue options. Plus, Fonality's product is awesome and it fits the needs of my clients. Also, the no contract and no up front costs put myself and my clients at ease."

    - Geoff Graue, Strand Technologies 

    "We had a premise base solution to offer our clients but we wanted the flexibility to offer both hosted and premise solutions to our clients. That's when one of our clients introduced to Fonality and their multiple solutions."

    Chet Hollnd, Virginia TIP

    "We partnered with Fonality because of the ability to offer both hosted and premise based solutions. Our clients are happy with the solution and we are happy with the easy configuration abilities."

    - Barry Williams, The Evolutions Group 

    “Fonality has always gone above and beyond to help their partners grow business by providing marketing campaigns and sales support.”

    Bryan Kennedy, Phoenix Networks Corp



    "Fonality provided a unique product in HUD that gave us a distinct edge over our competition. Between Hybrid-Hosted & Hosted, Fonality provided us with the perfect product to transition our existing customer base from legacy phone systems to a more efficient & cost effective system." 

    - Alex Pery, Apex Communications

    “Fonality has by far been the easiest partner to work with. By partnering with Fonality, we have created the ability to grow new revenue streams while continuing to grow long term business relationships with our existing client base.”

    Mariana Pacheco, Spectrum Technologies


    "I love Fonality's products, nothing comes close, not Microsoft Lync or any other Asterisk platform. I partned with Fonality because customers see the value in the product."

    - Bruno Santos, IT Works 

    "Fonality offers a true Partner Program with no upfront costs and no contracts."

    - Michael Warner, Warner Communications LTD