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Business IP Phone Solutions to fit your company



Whether you have 5 employees or 250, Fonalty has a solution for you. We're ready to get your company reaping the benefits of a modern business phone system in no time.

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Collaborative Business Solutions

Business Phone Systems

Every business needs some kind of communication system, and any vendor can sell you phones that ring. Clients choose Fonality because our business phone systems and services are not only reliable and affordable, but also help business owners and managers sell, service, and collaborate with ease. Whether you prefer to deploy an on-premises solution or one that’s hosted completely in the cloud, Fonality makes it easy to do business with us. 



Hosted PBX SystemsHosted PBX Solutions

Fonality's hosted PBX phone system solution gives you all the features the big guys have without worrying about installing and maintaining an actual PBX box at your business location. Instead, we host your phone service on our servers using your internet connection and provide you desk phones. An affordable monthly price without all the headaches of owning, installing and managing complicated hardware and software makes for a winning combination.




Hybrid PBX NetworkingHybrid PBX Networking

Fonality provides a unique hybrid-hosted environment by offering a best-of-breed approach.  With the communication solution hardware residing on your site, you remain in control of elements such as call security, connectivity options (PRI, POTS, etc) and call control.  In order to increase efficiency and flexibility in the communication solution, the user and administrative control panels reside in the cloud, hosted within one of two Fonality data centres and available 24/7 from anywhere with a network connection.



On-Screen Unified Communications

VoIP Administration

With UC, one application display rules them all. Manage your phone calls, voicemail, instant messaging (IM), conference calls, email, screen sharing, video conferences, and even see who's at their desk or on the phone (known as "presence") on one screen. That makes it easy to connect quickly and easily with the right people at the right time, from any location or device.