b2b marketing agency

Terms & Conditions


The Monthly Recurring Charge (“MRC”) reward period will commence on 01/06/2021 and will continue through 31/08/2021, for all New Sales.

“New Sales” means sales to end user customers (individuals or entities, including any affiliated individuals or entities) that have never purchased Company products or services.

Connect + subscription cloud packages only with minimum two-year (24 month) agreement to qualify.

Not valid for one-time purchase agreements.

NetFortris and Fonality standard Terms of Service and License Agreement apply.

Additional restrictions may apply.

The terms of this offer are inclusive with any existing partner agreement and under no circumstances shall the combined spiff payout exceed 4X MRC for 24 months, or $10,000, or 6 X MRC for 36 months, or $20,000.

New Sales of SD-WAN, circuit orders, access products, and POTS lines shall not be eligible for an award.

All New Sales must be:

  1. on Company’s standard service agreements and terms and conditions (without modification)
  2. with a minimum 5 users initial service term of 24-months or longer, and
  3. registered through a Channel Manager.

All MRC must be sold pursuant to the Company’s standard service order and priced at the applicable standard retail pricing.

New Sales that require ICB (Individual Case Basis) approval will be subject to no payout based on the negotiated ICB pricing.

Any New Sales that are terminated or otherwise canceled for any reason prior to installation or within the first six (6) months of the initial service term are subject to full chargeback and recovery of the MRC payment from agent.

New Sales must qualify as commissionable sales under the applicable agent agreement on or before 31/08/2021.

Individual New Sales cannot be accumulated or combined to qualify for a higher MRC tier award during any given month under this promotion.

Fonality reserves the right in its sole discretion to change or modify the terms and conditions at any time and/or cancel the Promotion entirely.