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Support Webinars

Instructor-Led Webinars and Self-Paced Courses

Live Webinar Sessions

Webinars for Users, Admins, Partners, and Technical Training

Fonality certified trainers host instructor-led webinars at zero cost to you. Choose the course below that best suits your needs and register for the day and time that fits your schedule. Topics range from day-to-day maintenance to the use of Fonality's Heads up Display (HUD).

User Training:

Fonality Academy 101
HUDWeb User Training

Fonality Academy 201
Control Panel User Training

Admin Training:

Fonality Academy 125
Introduction to Fonality Administration for phone system Administrators

Fonality Academy 225
Advanced Phone System Administration

Partner Training:

Fonality Academy 300
Introduction to Partner Training

Technical Training:

Fonality Academy 325
Technical Phone System Administration Training

How it Works

Fonality customers have a unique opportunity to pick between receiving onsite or remote training.

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Dedicated Onsite Training
(not offered at this time):

Get interactive, hands-on instruction at your location of choice. Once the course date(s) is scheduled, a Fonality certified trainer will be available at our office or at your location for course delivery.

business people group with  headphones giving support in  help desk office to customers, manager giving training and education instructions

Dedicated Remote Training

These live, web-based sessions are structured similar to the regularly scheduled live webinars. However, they are conducted exclusively for you, based on your specific needs.


Dedicated Fonality Academy offerings include:
  Pre-training interviews where a Fonality Academy trainer illustrates the objectives of each training session and interviews the customer to learn about their business and tailors the training to meet their specific needs
  Scheduled training according to the company’s availability (a maximum of 25 attendees per training session)
  Customised training session(s)
  Q&A discussion following each training session

Fonality Academy Registration:
If you do not receive a registration email, please check your email trash folder. You can also test your network/computer compatibility prior to the class time by visiting:

Fonality Training - Cancellation Policy:
Webinars with fewer than five registrants 24 hours prior to the training will be canceled.

Need additional training or have a question?

Drop us a line - We're happy to help you setup a webinar for your needs.