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VoIP saves you precious time and resources.

There was a time when businesses were confined by messy and expensive telecommunications systems - but longer is that an issue thanks to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). There are many reasons VoIP is such a popular service for businesses, but it can easily be summed up by understanding how its unifying aspects can help firms be more efficient.

Unified Communications (UC) works to tie together all the loose ends of all your business communications. Here, we list of five of the main reasons why VoIP will help your company to be more productive.

1. VoIP saves you time

Many understand the frustrations that can often surround voicemail technology - for starters no one wants to check their voicemail as it can be a cumbersome and time consuming activity. According to New York Times technology expert David Pogue, checking voicemails can add to up around three hours per individual a year, which is a conservative estimate.

A lot of this time can be salvaged with VoIP and unified communications package which allows you to forward on messages that need to be sent to other colleagues. By being able to text a coworker a voicemail that has been sent to you, you're freeing up precious time by eliminating the need for phone calls.

According to a recent study by Statista, based on statistics from email marketing company BlueHornet, 33.8 per cent of people check their email throughout the day, and 39 per cent one to three times a day.

Wasting time can be a frustrating aspect of old telecommunications technology.Wasting time can be a frustrating aspect of old telecommunications technology.

These figures show that most people sit at either end of the spectrum, either checking their emails all the time, or hardly at all - the two largest groups are divergent in behaviour. The use of smartphones is most likely what accounts for the large amount of workers checking their phones regularly.

Those who are checking their emails only three times a day are probably also less likely to be checking their voicemail. With VoIP, you're not beholden to checking your voicemail, you can receive them as emails and more easily stay on top of who has called through and what is most pressing.

2. Helps you stay in charge of your workload

When workloads get complicated and complex, clients can become lost along the way. UC ensures that you're in control and fosters group collaboration with the use of instant messaging and other tools like personalised call routing and readable voicemail.

Being able to share information quickly allows for a better quality of ideas, thanks to an increase in connectivity between problems and solutions. 

3. VoIP helps you work remotely

According to research by TINYPulse, the increase of remote workers has been substantial across a range of industries. A recent Gallup poll showed 37 per cent of of US workers say they have telecommuted for work.

With a constant increase in those who are working remotely, being able to easily connect with the office and coworkers is essential to having a seamless workflow on the road and at home.

UC can help your company be the best it can be, by ensuring you and your staff are spending more time on work tasks and less time on communications. For more information on how Fonality can help your firm, don't hesitate to get in touch today.