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Hybrid VoIP communications combine online communications with reliable business phones.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies are increasingly changing the way we communicate. Ten years ago you would use a landline handset to make calls on standard phone networks - now, you have near unlimited opportunity to use alternatives like video chat, audio messaging and calls over VoIP mobile apps and other free platforms.

However, traditional business phones still have an important role to play due to their reliability and time-tested functionality. So are hybrid communications solutions the future of small business connectivity?

Why is VoIP so important?

Transparency Marketing reveals the global market size of VoIP users will reach over 340 million subscribers by 2020, revealing the communication solutions' enormous potential. VoIP boasts a number of benefits:

  • They are cost effective - using a VoIP platform, you can save significantly on long distance calls.
  • They come with a range of extra features, including voice recording, multi-person video conferencing and customised auto attendants for customer queries.
  • They are easy to connect - once you have your Internet connection and your enabled smart devices, all you have to do is link them and you are free to use any communications channel you'd like.
A VoIP hybrid will update outdated business phones while retaining its tried and tested reliability. A VoIP hybrid will update outdated business phones while retaining its tried and tested reliability.

The case for traditional land lines

Traditional business phones, despite seeming outdated now, still have an important role to play in modern business:

  • Traditional landline handsets rely on phone network connections, which are tried and tested technology that has worked for businesses for dozens of years. Because these networks are designed entirely for telephony, network connections are often more secure and call quality is usually excellent.
  • Handsets aren't affected by Internet blackspots or outages. Online downtime, no matter for how long, can have a negative on business productivity in lost customers trying to call or missing information from a colleague trying to get in touch.

Can I integrate VoIP with standard Australian business phones?

VoIP will have 340 million users by 2020 - but landline phones are still useful in modern business.

Making your small business' communications the best possible relies on using all of the options available to you. Integrating VoIP services with your business phones gives you the connectivity and online features that VoIP offers, while still having a back up in traditional phone network communications in the case of Internet outage. The future of business connectivity lies in both the past and the present - and getting the best of both worlds relies on hybrid services.

Saving money and unneeded costs are vital in the small business world if you want to stay competitive. Making sure you are never without communications relies on an investment in quality hybrid communications solutions - an area Fonality specialises in. For more information on our hybrid phones and collaboration solutions, contact the team today.