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Small businesses can improve their scalability by incorporating auto-attendant.

Scaling a small business is no easy feat, and maintaining an unrivaled customer experience is one of the key first steps.

Some of the more lucrative benefits of auto-attendant can help a company maintain growth through improved consumer support, which is always a difficult proposition for organisations with limited resources. By integrating VoIP through the business phone system, management can give their employees the tools they need to meet the demands of clients.

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When a company is first getting its legs, it's easy to manage the handful of calls that come in each day. But as the list of customers and product lines grow, so too does the need for consumers to get in touch with sales representatives or the help desk.

A study shows auto-attendant is the most popular feature of VoIP.

Auto-attendant is a digital operator through its voice menu system, which provides all callers with a simple, uniform experience of contacting anyone within your business. This frees up valuable time for your employees and makes the process of receiving help easier for your customers.

A study by Software Advice found support for company growth to be the second most popular reason behind small business' decision to integrate VoIP through their business phone system. The most desired feature was auto-attendant, for its ability to help them scale and give the consumers the idea the organisation is larger than it really is.

Business case for auto-attendant

As organisations grow, resources are inevitably strained, which can actually hurt the financial performance of the company. Sales staff have to retain old clients while nurturing relationships with new ones, and other key personnel are scrambling to fill the gaps until help arrives in the form of new employees.

Auto-attendant and voicemail-to-email put the power back in employees' hands.Auto-attendant and voicemail-to-email put the power back in employees' hands.

In the meantime, features like auto-attendant and voicemail-to-email become increasingly valuable as a way to save time without compromising performance. The former creates structure in what can sometimes feel like a chaotic environment, while the latter makes it easier for personnel to receive messages and categorise response order based on risk.

Both advantages can improve productivity across the board by saving time, as well as the money that would be lost through poor client relationships. Growing a business requires a certain level of control and professional appearance, both of which are gained by leveraging auto-attendant through a business phone system. Contact a Fonality representative today to learn more.