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What phone system do you have for your growing business?

What happens when a business grows so fast, it outpaces it's IT capabilities? While rapid growth is an aspiration for many SMEs, without the right technology solutions, many find themselves unable to keep up to scratch.

Francisco Soliano Jr is well experienced with dealing with such a scenario. Managing director of the East Perth IT solutions and services company Computer Troubleshooters, Mr Soliano knows the importance of a cost effective strategy for services such as VoIP (voice over internet protocol), for companies that are expanding rapidly.

VoIPVoIP is an effective tool to assist SME growth.

VoIP as a cost-effective, scalable strategy

When dealing with phone systems, businesses need an efficient and reliable system that can grow as quickly as they can - without costing an arm and a leg.

For this reason, Mr Soliano made the decision to partner with Fonality, to deliver his customers with the best VoIP experience, no matter their size and growth. Speaking to Fonality, Mr Soliano explains the decision to go with Fonality was an easy one:

"I don't have any issues with them, we've got several other clients that use Fonality ranging from two to three handsets up to almost twenty handsets or so," said Mr. Soliano. 

For Mr Soliano, Fonality is the go-to choice for cost effective VoIP solutions.

"It's a plug and play set up, and on top of that, it is relatively easy to see the cost of the phone. It's a flat fee per month," he said.

If, like many Australian companies you too are enjoying the benefits of one of our business phone systems and want to share the experience with your partners, you may be interested in having a quick look at our referral program. For the month of December, we're bumping up our program and paying up to $30,000 to referral partners.

But why should you adopt a cloud based system for managing your phone calls?

VoIP solutions have seen a high adoption in the SME market in recent years.

The competitive advantage of VoIP solutions

Over 5 million Australians use some sort of VoIP, says the Australian Communications and Media Authority. According to Deloitte's 2015 Global Mobile Consumer Survey, Southeast Asia edition, the main reason for companies adopting VoIP technologies are:

  • Cheaper international calls
  • Cheaper calls when travelling
  • Video calling capabilities

The low pricing and increased functions an IP phone can deliver are some of the reasons why VoIP solutions have seen such a high adoption in the SME market in recent years. To find out more, or to take advantage of our referral special, get in touch with the team at Fonality today.