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There can be no denying it - mobile technology is a core driver of productivity in modern business operations. Smartphones that run both over cellular and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allow for the simultaneous application of multiple tasks at once, for example travelling away from home and conducting business.

A new Deloitte report titled 'Mobile Nation 2016 - Driving workforce participation and productivity' has collected, assessed and updated the impact of mobile technology on the productivity of the Australian economy. The study also looks at the impact of mobile productivity, and the importance of mobile technologies in enabling workforce participation.

Participation and productivity

Australian businesses have for the last three decades relied on mobile telecommunications in exponentially increasing amounts. Deloitte claims that the impact of mobile has grown Australia's economy by $42.9 billion dollars

Using data spanning 30 years and over 37 countries - including a survey of 1,000 Australians - Deloitte was able to produce new modelling to show changes in the industry. This data was then analysed to determine the key drivers of productivity. The study found that the long-term productivity and workforce participation implications of mobile are huge, and are influenced by generational shifts as well as new technologies.

Mobile is as big as it has ever been.Mobile business is as big as it has ever been.

What the study found is that participation and efficiency have increased through the use of mobile technology, by allowing employees to more productively use their time. A recent Forbes article looked at this significant trends across the communications marketplace for 2016. The study found that communications companies have had to drastically adjust their business models to meet the demands of their customers who want more than just connectivity. 


What Australian businesses want most are integrated solutions across their enterprise, with a focus on solutions that encourage employees to collaborate and communicate more efficiently. Shifts towards collaboration reflect and represent changes in the way businesses are presumed to function, both in the eyes of customers and staff.

The progress 3G and 4G has made in the mobile IP space has significantly advanced the business mobile communications market. Connections are getting faster and faster, and the ubiquity of smartphones is ensuring that this trend is only set to rise as technology races to reach its expanding potential.

No longer does location impact or restrict business communications and operations. The mobile revolution is firmly here, with applications like Fonality's Heads Up Display™ Mobile (HUD) being used an invaluable driver for productivity.

VoIP is a common form of mobile business communications throughout Australian business. For information on how your company can benefit from VoIP communications solutions, reach out to Fonality today.