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You want to have total control of your company's technology.

Technology is rapidly improving, and as it does, modern professionals are quickly discovering new ways of doing business. To an extent, they're still reliant on their companies' phone systems, which enable them to call up customers and business partners all over the world, but they're quickly embracing new innovations as well.

The more channels people have, the tougher it becomes for IT managers to oversee all of them.

Cloud computing makes it easier than ever to manage and share information. Mobile devices add capability and flexibility to people's daily lives. Text and voice chat are now possible across numerous platforms, which expedites things even further.

The only problem is that the more channels people have, the tougher it becomes for corporate IT managers to oversee all of them and prevent issues from cropping up. This is why now's the time to consider the benefits of a managed services provider. If you're having trouble coordinating all of your company's communications, you can always just leave that job to the professionals.

Why managed IT is a must in 2016

There are plenty of companies out there that already turn to outside providers for managing their business phone systems, but it's now time to go one step farther than that. According to CIO, numerous organisations are struggling with handling other aspects of IT, and they're looking to improve.

The news source pointed to CompTIA Information Technology's May 2015 report, "Trends in Managed Services," which revealed that only 60 per cent of companies that consider their technology use "advanced" are using a managed service provider (MSP). The rest are dealing with IT solutions that are disjointed and siloed.

There are a few reasons they should consider switching over. One is simple efficiency - it's far easier for employees to collaborate and work effectively when they can share information through a shared platform and avoid silos. Security and compliance are also factors. It's tough to ensure that your data management is safe and law-abiding when you're handling information in 10 different ways at the same time. Finally, cost savings and ROI are commonly cited as reasons to embrace MSPs.

Find the right provider for you

Once you've decided that an MSP is the right option for you, the next step is to find the provider that's a perfect fit for your business.

This will depend on a few factors. One is the prior track record of the company in question. Ideally, you want to work with a partner that's shown proficiency not just with business phone plans, but also with managing cloud data and other forms of communication and file storage.

You want a provider that understands your local area.You want a provider that understands your local area.

You also want a provider that's a good match for where you are and what you do. This means finding a company that's proven to work effectively in your local area, for one thing. Having an understanding of the locality and the particular challenges it presents is important. You also want a company that is prepared to offer quick support if anything goes wrong. This means they need to have a presence nearby.

Our hybrid solution covers all the bases

Managing IT in the modern business world means tackling a whole host of challenges. You want a provider that's ready for all of them. At Fonality, we believe we can be just that provider. We offer a hybrid solution that includes VoIP phone service as well as cloud solutions and much more. We aim to bring all your company's communications under one centralised, convenient umbrella.

Everyone's talking about the cloud these days, and rightfully so. But you also want your phone service and everything else to be in good hands, too. We're up to that challenge at Fonality. We want to provide you with a total solution that help you manage your whole IT infrastructure and sleep easy.