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Don't let downtimes hurt your business financially; build redundancy into the VoIP system.

Imagine the financial losses resulting from a day in the office without internet.

It's difficult to, because it rarely happens. Companies plan for this by building in redundancy measures. But the same should be said about your business phone system. Many businesses rely on using phones for sales or customer service, and an outage would bring productivity - and revenue - to a standstill. Redunancy must also be built into traditional servers and legacy infrastructures to ensure unfettered communication across the board.

What is VoIP redundancy?

Your VoIP server, or PBX, is the heart and soul of your business phone system. It's how calls are transferred and user accounts are created. Within it are various components that, if they fail, can bring down the entire network.

Many organisations are now building redundancy into their VoIP system.

To avoid that, many organisations are now building redundancy into their VoIP system by leveraging virtual servers - or cloud-based VoIP. While they still get to keep all of the control on-site through physical infrastructure, they can also ensure they don't put all of their eggs in one basket.

One example of doing so is by employing multiple gateways - the connecting point between telecommunication providers and your company. In the event of a shutdown, calls can be rerouted through another gateway, provided that your VoIP system can facilitate it. This keeps operations up and running despite repairs being needed.

What are the benefits?

At the core of VoIP redundancy is the idea that business phone system downtime could be a major liability for your company. How many customers, and how much revenue, would you lose if employees couldn't reach them?

By leveraging virtual servers through hosted PBX, organisations gain reliability and peace of mind that they'll be able to make calls no matter what. Moving to the cloud also provides the necessary infrastructure to support innovative unified communications platforms.

Phone calls have become vital to modern business, making redundancy more important.Phone calls have become vital to modern business, making redundancy more important.

These solutions provide key applications that increase productivity, like employee presence notifications, drag-and-drop calling, mobile capability and screen sharing. For companies that rely heavily on calling for sales and customer service, these solutions are essential to improving office collaboration - which ultimately improves client satisfaction.

We all know that digital devices sometimes glitch, freeze or fail. But this simply can't be the case in a corporate world dominated by technology. Build redundancy into your VoIP system by leveraging cloud-hosted PBX. Contact a Fonality representative today to learn more.