Enterprise Hosted Deployment Option

Fonality Enterprise Hosted is for companies that prefer to avoid multi-tenant cloud phone service for security or regulatory reasons. Customers enjoy all the benefits of cloud VoIP on a dedicated server. Who should consider Enterprise Hosted? We find it's a great fit for larger organizations. But it's also amazing for anyone who just likes a little more elbow room.

With a dedicated private connection you'll get a predictable and consistent quality of service with your business phone service. Plus, our Network Operations Center actively monitors (24/7/365) the health of your private hosted service to ensure the highest levels of availability and quality for your business.


Big reasons to choose Fonality Enterprise Hosted

1. No Cluster Outages

2. Internet/MPLS Choice

3. Reduce TCO

Your own dedicated server in

our data center means another

customer's busy day will never

ruin yours.

NetFortris lets you bring your

own bandwidth provider and

MPLS circuit. Connect the way

you prefer.

Removes CAPEX costs for

customers that can move off of

an on-premise system. 


Here's what's included

  • Dell R330 w/iDRAC server
  • Analog Base Card (PCIe)
  • Private Hosted 1 - 2-port FXO module
  • Server Hosting Fee
  • Gold Support
  • Advanced User License
  • HUD Mobile License
  • Conference Bridge
  • 10 Virtual Extensions
  • 10 Voicemail-Only Extensions


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