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How would popular movies have played out with instant communications?

Unified communications offer a simple, effective and instant method of contact. For businesses, they supply a straightforward way of managing both staff and projects, allowing individuals to share, collaborate and communicate without delay. In the world of popular culture, however, there are many moments where video conferencing, instant messaging or contact availability could have solved issues within an instant.

But what if a system like the one offered by Fonality were available a few decades ago or more widely used today? Below we'll take a look at a few moments in recent history where an effective VoIP phone solution could have solved more than just miscommunication.

What if a system like the one offered by Fonality were available a few decades ago or more widely used today?

1. The Da Vinci Code

Even if you remember going to see the Tom Hanks religious thriller, The Da Vinci Code, you probably mentally skip over one of the first, and confusingly complicated, scenes in the film. Just before our main characters embark on their endless follow-the-clues adventure, we're treated to the first of many mysteries solved by the ever-lovable Hanks - a mystery dead man with an impeccable talent for hidden messages.

Shortly after being shot in the stomach, our academic graffiti artist goes on a magic marker rampage through the Louvre, leaving behind a collection of cryptic clues that can only be solved with the fortunately available talents of Professor Robert Langdon. 

With a secure unified communications solution in place, our unfortunate victim could have left a slightly less-confusing and cumbersome message, perhaps a shared video that could say something along the lines of: "Paul Bettany dressed an albino monk shot me in the stomach, he's literally impossible to miss if you walk around Paris."

Moive magic? The real magic is instant messaging.Movie magic? The real magic is instant messaging.

2. Forrest Gump

What begins as a charming story about a man with a box of chocolates on a bench talking to complete strangers, rapidly turns into a frustration for anyone skilled in using unified communications. There are many points in the film where instant messaging or call forwarding could have brought our two lovers back together, but the most obvious seems to be the main story arc itself.

While Forrest surely didn't regret his time on the bench retelling his life story to an ever-changed medley of people, a simple text message and a screenshot of the bus stop would have had him in Jenny's arms - and meeting his, unknown at the time, son - well before he even opened the ribbon on that box of chocolates.

One film that could see instant messaging or implemented to success has to be the Macaulay Culkin classic, Home Alone.

3. Home Alone

If there's one film that could see instant messaging or online status functionality implemented to success, it has to be the Macaulay Culkin classic, Home Alone.

There are countless moments where improved phone systems would have seen the film's problems solved in seconds. Whether it be a group message for all the McCallister family to take part in ("Kevin, why aren't you replying to our family messages! Kevin?") or the simple ability to share a photo of the two would-be burglars with the family, neighbours or the local police, Home Alone may have never existed had it been set in the present day. 

While pop culture and films are often reliant on suspension of disbelief, it's easy to see how the inclusion of smart phones, text messaging and video conferencing could have helped many characters avoid helpless or frustrating situations. And that, of course, is one of the most important benefits offered by Fonality and a unified communications solution; it helps you and your staff avoid frustration, while providing a method of communication your customers can rely on, too. Best of all, there's not a single piece of movie magic needed.

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