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Unified Communications as a Service is much more than just comms hardware.

The term 'Unified Communications as a Service' (UCaaS) has become something of a buzz phrase among Australian businesses looking for ways to improve their communications services. Tellingly, consider that cloud-based services are expected to make up two-thirds of the global unified communications market revenue by 2019, according to researchers Frost & Sullivan.

Cloud-based services are expected to make up two-thirds of global UC market revenue by 2019.

Australian enterprises are more advanced than other organisations worldwide in terms of adopting traditional UC tools (Dimension Data report) - but how many wholeheartedly considered UCaaS as a distinct managed service? Many companies don't realise the true power of managed UC beyond the hype, so let's take a look at what UCaaS is and what it can offer Australian businesses.

What is Unified Communications as a Service?

UC encompasses a number of different software platforms and tools, including:

There are a number of tools that can be integrated together under a UC platform.There are a number of tools that can be integrated together under a UC platform.

This is the tip of the iceberg - but UCaaS integrates all of these communication elements into one intuitive, cloud-based platform. Features of a managed UC service includes:

  • A single user interface for all applications and tools part of the wider UC network.
  • User ability to tailor this interface to their own way of working.
  • Unlimited access to data and communications across a number of devices, including mobiles, tablets, computers and landline phones.
  • Real-time synchronization of this data across all devices.
  • Localised ability to track changes and manage the features of this UC network.

Why use Unified Communications as a Service?

Many Australian businesses, primarily SMEs and tech organisations, use UCaaS to reduce the operational costs of deploying and managing a UC system by themselves. However, now larger enterprises are also reaping the benefits of this as a way of streamlining how their existing UC infrastructure operates, across Australia and globally.

Cloud-based UC services offer more flexibility for businesses.Cloud-based UC services offer more flexibility for businesses.

There are three main benefits to using UCaaS:

  1. Managed UC services offer flexibility for businesses that change employees periodically to switch collaborators without major infrastructure changes.
  2. Cloud-based communications offer a more consistent and intuitive user experience for remote and mobile workers.
  3. UCaaS is an ideal solution for business continuity and disaster recovery - the comms platform and all logged data cannot be damaged as it's stored remotely.

Unified Communications as a Service is a powerful tool when used properly. Go beyond the buzz of this exciting technology and learn how UCaaS can boost your Australian business' potential. Contact Fonality AU today to find out more.