Getting started with a new business phone system

Is it time to seek out new options regarding your business phone systems? Companies often realise their current capabilities are lacking when going through major changes, including in the following scenarios:
checkmark@300x  Moving an office or opening a new location
checkmark@300x  Going through a period of rapid expansion
checkmark@300x  Standardising communications systems across multiple sites
checkmark@300x  Addressing a noticeable failure with a legacy system
With that said, there is no bad time to assess your communications infrastructure and make a change for the better. If your business phone system is delivering anything less than top-quality functionality and service, you have ample reason to make a quick and effective upgrade to a new hosted PBX unified communications system powered by Fonality.
Once you've decided to make a change, there are a few common steps:
Identify the capabilities your employees and customers should have:

Will mobile twinning be a critical use case for your business? What about call data reporting or easy conferencing? You should make sure you have your priorities in order early in the upgrade process.

Weigh your options for business phone system deployment:

Are you ready to sever your connection to on-premise hardware and move your phones into the cloud? Would a hybrid system retaining some landlines be preferable to a pure VOiP system? This is when you decide.

Select the vendor
that's right for you:

You need to select a partner that will help you get the most from your business phone systems for years to come, delivering a pricing model that works for you and a feature set that covers all your needs.

Fonality can be this ideal service provider for your business. We have been a top provider of unified communications for Australian companies since 2004, and have satisfied customers of all sizes and types around the world.