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The cloud is capable of more than just saving businesses money.

When people think about the cloud, they tend to only think about it in terms of IT and cost benefits.

Yet cloud computing does more than store data and save you money - it holds the potential to revolutionise your communication platforms, and your business. 

Here are some common myths surrounding cloud computing and why they only paint half the picture:

What do you know about the cloud?What do you know about the cloud?

1. The only reason to move to the cloud is to save money

While cloud computing can indeed save you money, it offers so much more in the form of business flexibility and response to change. According to a 2016 University of Wollongong study on cloud computing adoption for small businesses, the scalability of this technology affords greater flexibility in a changing environment. On top of this, the ability to access information anywhere with an internet connection means the workplace is no longer confined to a singular location, which lets businesses adapt and respond to change quicker and with greater freedom.

That being said, the Queensland government recently adopted a cloud-based mail service across the state - a move which is predicted to save taxpayers $13.7 million on IT expenses over three years. By all means, cloud computing benefits both the bottom line and businesses flexibility.

According to Deloitte, the cloud is there to help IT evolve into something greater.

2. The cloud is only for data storage

With the likes of Fonality's Heads Up Display (HUD), not only has your data moved to the cloud, your communications platforms have too. Managing phone calls, voicemail, VoIP, conference calls, email, screen sharing and more can all be done via a hosted PBX service, letting you quickly access and share your data in a collaborative setting. 

3. The cloud signals the end of the IT department

The cloud is not a means to replace the IT department. Instead, according to Deloitte, the cloud is there to help IT evolve into something greater. For example, the cloud will help transform IT by:

  • Allowing the IT department to focus on their unique skill sets rather than day to day tasks.
  • Providing the opportunity for the CIO and IT department to identify and act on innovations.
  • Help transform IT into a service broker rather than a service builder.

4. The cloud only improves tech 

Rather than seeing the cloud as a simple technology solution, adopting the cloud for things like your business phone systems or in the pursuit of unified communications is a business strategy. Incorporating the cloud is a strategic move, designed to improve productivity whilst staying agile in a disruptive environment. 

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