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The cloud can take your business' technology to new heights.

The typical business today is not only fast and efficient in everything it does - it's also highly collaborative. Modern employees can share information quickly and seamlessly, using it to complete projects and get everyone involved. This is great because it allows everyone to play to their strengths and contribute whatever they do best.

Why bother with outdated hardware or confusing, bulky emails full of attachments when you can simply use the cloud?

Nowadays, the best way to share information is to rely on cloud services. Why bother with outdated hardware or confusing, bulky emails full of attachments when you can simply use the cloud to empower employees who want to communicate and work together?

The benefits of cloud computing

Of course, one element of your company's communication infrastructure is its phone systems - making calls in and out regularly is a fundamental part of doing business. But work in the 21st century largely revolves around data, so it's important to have cloud services in place these days as well.

According to the Department of Finance, benefits of the cloud include broad network access and on-demand self service. In other words, your employees have complete control over how, when and where they access their data, and they don't have to worry about data centre providers or IT supervisors getting in their way.

Additionally, from a managerial standpoint, the cloud makes it easy for departments to pool information and collaborate on projects. The technology's rapid elasticity makes it easy for them to scale their IT architectures up or down as their business needs change.

Choosing the right provider for you

When it comes time to choose a cloud provider, it's important first to consider the scope of your company's needs. Are you looking for a large-scale cloud platform or a small one? Do you need complex data analysis capabilities, or just simple storage? Are your demands static, or changing over time as your business evolves?

What are your company's needs when it comes to data?What are your company's needs when it comes to data?

Computerworld recommends carefully examining the range of providers out there and scrutinising the subtle differences among them. It's possible that one is a better fit than the rest for the specific applications you have in mind.

Make deployment simple and easy

The cloud offers your business the capability to take all communications and data-driven projects and bring them together. Your customer database, your internal workflows, your VoIP phone system - why not bring it all together under one umbrella?

Fonality makes that possible. Moreover, we seek to simplify the process for you, making it so you can easily deploy cloud technologies and pay for them in whatever manner is best for you. The long-term goal is to make managing IT easier for your business, not harder. Let us show you how.