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How can businesses make the most of part timers?

Australia has one of the highest rates of part-time employment out of the OECD. Over a quarter of Australians work part-time - over 8 million of them, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Perhaps your business will have one or two part-timers. These employees play a valuable role in the Australian economy, so how can we best put them to use? A common feature of part-time employees is that they're often flexible over the hours and locations they work. This might include working different days of the week, and doing so over multiple locations, including the office, on the road and even at home.

All employees play a vital role in the productivity of a company, so how can businesses leverage communication technologies to make sure their part-timers or casual workers perform at the same level as everyone else?

How can remote, or part-time workers do their job if they can't access the right tools?

Make sure they carry their office wherever they go

How can remote or part-time workers do their job if they can't access the right tools?

The nature of part-time work is that even if you're not in the office, you may need to access data or communication in an ad-hoc basis. Empowering part-time employees by providing all the tools needed to get their jobs done in a convenient and flexible manner can help these workers achieve greater efficiency and help businesses run more smoothly.

Fonality's Heads Up Display (HUD) Mobile gives employees access to their instant messaging, visual voicemail and more in real time, so no matter where they are, or when they choose to work, they can access, share - and more importantly - collaborate with ease. 

Engaging part time workers is easy with unified communications.Engaging part time workers is easy with unified communications.

Put a face to their name

Teams can't work well together if there isn't a solid foundation of mutual trust and understanding says the Harvard Business Review.

Communicating face-to-face plays a vital role in creating this positive environment, but it can be hard to achieve with part-time and remote workers if you've only ever heard their voice over the phone and communicate almost entirely via email or text.

In the case where part-time employees are also remote employees, taking advantage of communication technologies such as video collaboration can be a useful tool in putting a face behind a name or voice, creating a platform for which to build the implicit trust teams need to function effectively.

To find out more about how HUD can help improve the productivity of both your full and part time employees, start up a conversation with the team at Fonality today.