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Companies leveraging cloud-hosted PBX should ensure they have high quality business broadband.

There was a time where you couldn't use the home phone and the internet at the same time; now the web has been woven into the fabric of our lives.

Many organisations simply couldn't operate without business broadband. Not only have the benefits made it indispensable, but the disadvantages of having poor connection can have a devastating array of impacts. With new technologies like cloud-hosted PBX becoming a must-have, it's easy to see why enterprises are investing more resources into making sure there are no issues.

Where the problems can be found

While turning the modem off and then back on again may work at home, troubleshooting a company's network isn't as simple. In fact, the more moving parts there are, the more complicated it becomes.

After checking end-user equipment, contact your service provider.

Although internet downtime may be indicative of a much larger problem, the first thing your IT department should do if an issue does arise is to check the end-user equipment like modems and WiFi extenders.

From there you'll want to get in touch with your service provider, as the problem is likely out of your control. Any number of factors could be in play, like network congestion at their end, or bandwidth limits were reached at yours - the later can be a common problem for growing businesses.

Benefits of high quality business broadband

Companies are moving away from on-site hosted technology. While physical servers are still used for mission-critical applications and to meet data protection standards, most organisations are outsourcing components like their business phone system by using cloud-hosted PBX.

Quality business broadband has become essential for modern technology like cloud-hosted PBX.Quality business broadband has become essential for modern technology like cloud-hosted PBX.

For enterprises to take part in this, though, they need reliable broadband connections. Leveraging a strong network offers two clear cut benefits, among others:

  • Less critical - though equally important - factors of the business are moved to the cloud and gain unfettered reliability.
  • The most valuable applications are still kept on the local network, which has now alleviated some of its stress on bandwidth.

This then allows organisations to integrate technologies that they never would have been able to incorporate before with their conventional infrastructure, such as unified communications through a cloud-hosted PBX provider.

With more companies leveraging the internet than ever before to increase their revenue, streamline workflow and improve customer experience, quality business broadband has become just as important. After setting down a sturdy foundation, organisations can then move forward and take advantage of disruptive technologies like unified communications through cloud-hosted PBX. Contact a Fonality representative today to learn more.