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Improve employee communication with Fonality's Heads Up Display

Business connectivity is a buzzword that seems to be on everyone's lips these days - but what does it mean, and why is so important? In it's simplest form, business connectivity refers to the ease of communication across an organisation. As the business world in Australia becomes increasingly crowded and hectic, the importance of efficient and simple communication is growing.

The most helpful business connectivity tool for Australian companies? Unified communications (UC) solutions - more specifically, a business phone system. This might only sound like a necessary tool for large organisations, but small businesses can benefit just as much - if not more - from UC solutions.

What is a business phone system, and how can it help me?

When face-to-face communication isn't possible, picking up the phone and having a conversation is the next best thing. Though at first a phone system might sound like an antiquated form of communication, Fonality's easy-to-use business phone systems are specifically designed for the modern office. 

A business phone system has numerous benefits to offer businesses, both large and small.A business phone system has numerous benefits to offer businesses, both large and small.

HUD is designed to improve employee efficiency - in fact, it can save up to two hours a day in productivity.

Clients can choose a cloud-based system, in which much of the data resides in Fonality's secure servers, or an on-premise server that they manage themselves. Both of these options facilitate ease of communication within the Australian office and without - remote and mobile users are supported, regardless of which option you choose.

Depending on the needs of your business, the phone system can be customised with a variety of components - such as our Heads Up Display, or HUD.

HUD: Your new operator 

The ideal addition to a business phone system, HUD is a platform designed to improve employee efficiency and communication - in fact, we've found that it can save up to two hours a day in productivity. Some of its features include the following:

  • Chat;
  • Drag and drop calls;
  • Voicemail to text/email;
  • Audio conferencing;
  • Screenshare.

Combine these valuable unified communications tools with a straightforward business phone setup, and you have the perfect system in place to streamline communications across your organisation. For more information about either our business phone system or HUD, please reach out to a representative at Fonality today, or check out the video below.