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Unlike movie quotes, getting communication wrong can spell disaster.

"Luke, I am your father," is perhaps one of the greatest and most often quoted lines in cinema history. It's also wrong. What James Earl Jones actually says is: "No, I am your father." 

This iconic line, alongside others like "play it again, Sam," and "do you feel lucky, punk?" are among many examples of movie quotes we get wrong. While these quotes have gained their own notoriety, the popularity of their respective films has remained unaffected (or perhaps even been improved) by pop culture. The same can't be said for business. 

The integrity of what businesses say is paramount. When it comes to communicating with clients across multiple platforms such as email, VoIP and text, there is no room for error or misunderstanding.

In business, the integrity of communication is important.In business, the integrity of communication is important.

Keep the conversation simple via combined platforms

"We're gonna need a bigger boat!" The famous line from Jaws was actually "You're gonna need a bigger boat!" A change of a single word has the potential to alter the meaning of an entire phrase. 

It's easy to make seemingly innocuous changes that actually have harmful downstream effects. Without context in a virtual workspace, small changes have big impacts. Like the Telephone game, relaying a message through people from platform to platform without integration has the potential to garble the conversation. 

By combining your communication channels on a single platform, such as Fonality's Heads Up Display (HUD), collaboration between email, voicemail and text is simple. You can even get your voicemail transcribed via email or text, removing human-induced error with translation.

Unlike Dorothy, being flung far afield poses no problems to remote workers with an internet connection.

Perform at the same level regardless of location

"I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto," or rather: "Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." Unlike Dorothy, being flung far afield poses no problems to remote workers with an internet connection and unified communication.

Reaching out to remote workers can pose a challenge for timely and effective collaboration. However, unified communications gives employees the freedom to access their business phone systems, email, chat and VoIP anywhere, keeping them plugged into the office wherever there may be. After all, there's no place like home, so giving workers the possibility to work from there will boost both satisfaction and productivity

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