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There's no shortage of ways for people to communicate.

In a previous era, when a group of co-workers wanted to collaborate on a business project, it was difficult for them to keep in touch. They might have had to deal with tied-up phone lines and complicated numbers with extensions; alternatively, they may have had no other option but to meet in person. Either way, the process wasn't always the most convenient.

Nowadays, employees have seemingly endless ways of staying in contact with one another.

Now, however, employees have seemingly endless ways of staying in contact with one another. The wealth of available communication channels is pretty staggering. It means employees get to enjoy the utmost convenience. Unfortunately, it also means that managers and IT specialists have their work cut out for them, coordinating this high-tech multichannel environment.

Employees diversify their communications

For employees who need to constantly keep in touch with their co-workers, there's no shortage of options. Corporate phone systems are a traditional choice, and they're still available, but as The Houston Chronicle recently noted, there are plenty of other options.

Many employees today use email in-house regularly, even to contact people who sit just a few steps away. This enables them to put their plans in writing and respond to messages on their own time. Instant messaging has also gained prominence, as it helps people communicate quickly and painlessly from anywhere in the office. Corporate intranets have also taken off, as they offer a way to centralise information and communication.

With all of these varied channels gaining steam, the question now is how IT managers can coordinate them all without any mishaps along the way.

How you can enhance your network

The savviest business leaders today are looking for ways to make enhancements to both their phone systems and their digital communication networks. According to Startup Nation, one of their primary objectives is to automate features like call forwarding so that there's no need to waste manpower on overseeing simple conversations.

Data security is a top priority these days.Data security is a top priority these days.

Another key priority is security. How can companies share information and communicate freely without having to worry about outside intruders? This will be a key question moving forward.

Uniting every channel under one umbrella

The easiest way to coordinate all of your company's communications is to bring them all together. This is the idea behind unified communications - it's all about bringing your VoIP phone system and all your digital channels together in one cohesive solution.

At Fonality, that's what we're all about. We want to centralise and manage your communications in a way that keeps your organisation productive and flexible. Business technology has evolved considerably over the years, and we want you to reap all the benefits. Contact us right away, and we'll explain how.