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Generation Z in the workforce is closer than you think.

Millennials are old news. Or at least, Generation Y is no longer a mystery, having been present in the workforce for a number of years now. Now, it's time for people to look to what the next wave of workers will bring.

It may seem far off, but Generation Z is closer than you think. Born as early as 1995, they already make up six per cent of the Australian workforce, according to McCrindle Research.

While it's hard to think of 1995 as a "long time ago", the reality is that by 2025, a third of all workers will belong to Gen Z. Businesses should start doing their homework now about what to expect and how to effectively communicate with these hyper-connected employees of the future.

Are you ready to meet your Gen Z employee?Are you ready to meet your Gen Z employee?

Generation Z and a post-internet world

One of the scariest facts about Gen Z is that almost all of them have never experienced a world without internet. Grown up on Google, how has this affected this generation?

Well, for one, technology comes naturally to this generation and with it, connectivity. Their engagement with devices means they spend more hours looking at screens per day than face-to-face interaction, according to McCrindle.

This generation is deeply engaged with technology and will more than likely be working in collaboration with it in their careers.

However, that doesn't mean they're screen zombies. One in two will grow up with a university degree, so rather than mindlessly scrolling through devices, this generation is deeply engaged with technology and will more than likely be working in collaboration with it in their careers.

What Gen Z means for the workplace

The important question: what impact will Gen Z have on the workplace? What are they looking for? What do they need?

A global survey by Hot Spots movement lists the top three things that Generation Z are looking for in a company:

  • Opportunities for progression.
  • A good benefits package.
  • Excellent training and development.

McCrindle Research elaborates further. In terms of leadership, Gen Z is looking for collaboration, rather than command and control. They're also looking for greater flexibility than other generations as well as a visual and learning-based environment. This may explain why McCrindle tips this generation to have on average five careers and 17 jobs in their lifetime.

Don't wait for this generation to make its move before you. With unified communications you'll be just as connected as your future employees, working within an already collaborative and supportive environment, ripe for Gen Z to sink their teeth into.

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