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An on-premise business phone server can dictate sales staff success or failure.

If your company has decided an on-premise business phone server is the right call, there's still much left to be discussed.

Namely, the equipment. Having the highest quality server is essential; without it, you'll be incurring a financial loss before it's even in place. The time you take now to research the best options will be well earned down the road with excellent reception and fewer dropped calls.

Potential downsides

Your phones are key tools that will be used by departments integral to the consumer lifecycle; sales and customer service. One dropped call could mean you just lost that person's business, while poor quality could dissuade many others from interacting with your company again.

Small- and medium-sized businesses often short-change this expense because they know they'll be paying for a number of modules down the road, like enterprise messaging systems or Salesforce. Instead, they should be investing in their infrastructure with the understanding they can easily scale through unified communications (UC) platforms at a fraction of the cost. The end result is increased security and call quality, both of which can boost sales performance and, in turn, company reputation. 

An effective foundation

To earn the most return on your investment you'll want to deploy an on-premise business phone server that can stand the test of time; in a growing company's case, that means high usage and the ability to scale.

The Dell Optiplex XE2 is ideal for small businesses as it provides all the flexibility and high-end performance of other servers, but with a low total cost of ownership. Its specifications include:

  • 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3.
  • Intel integrated graphics.
  • 500GB 3.5 inch serial ATA hard drive.
  • Optiplex XE2 minitower EPA chassis.
  • Fourth generation Intel core I5-4570S processor (Quad Core, 2.90GHz Turbo, 6MB).

Medium-sized and larger organisations are able to scale their infrastructure with the Dell Poweredge R630, a rack mount server that's perfect for building for redundancy. Its compact design and affordable cost makes it easy for IT departments to plug and place when needed. It offers:

  • Intel Xeon E5-2603 1.80 GHz.
  • 8 GB UDIMM.
  • Hardware RAID 1.
  • Dual pluggable drives.
  • Dual 495W redundant power supply.

Picking a new on-premise business phone server isn't an easy decision for any company. For many, it will be the difference between success and failure down the line. With cutting-edge improvements supporting more affordable applications like UC, it makes sense to spend more on the underlying foundation to ensure unrivaled phone quality. Contact a Fonality agent today to learn more.