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Communication can be all it takes to make a happy office and satisfied employees.

It pays to keep your team happy. While a unified communications system can do wonders saving you time and money, a lesser-known benefit is the effect it has on the social side of your company, and how it can can translate to better business and profits.

A study into happiness and productivity showed happy employees are up to 12 per cent more productive than their unhappy peers. But how does this apply in practice? Obvious methods like organising social events might seem good on paper, but there's a limit. Have too many and you risk people spending more time socialising than working.

Rather than grand and expensive gestures, sometimes something as subtle as integrating your communication channels can go a long way in improving job satisfaction.

Here's how:

Organise social interactions the easy way

Unified communications is great for managing your automated phone system. It's also great for organising a team lunch. From planning the next work social to simply coordinating a coffee break, the ability to cross multiple platforms makes the process quick and easy.

Communicating with team members is easy when it's all in one place.Communicating with team members is easy when it's all in one place.

Consider a team member who spends the majority of time in a different office. They'd want a way to feel present and included in these conversations, regardless of whether or not they have access to email all the time. No one likes hanging on the outside of a conversation. With Fonality's Heads Up Display (HUD), internal communications is a breeze and can span multiple locations so that everyone is part of the discussion.

Communication improves transparency

An open office is a happy office when it comes to communication, according to MIS Quarterly. The Harvard Business Review goes one step further in saying transparency is a key factor in building employee trust. With an integrated system, suddenly everybody's working in the same space, able to communicate instantly with anyone in the company. No more managers out of reach for a quick question or comment.

An open office is a happy office when it comes to communication.

Satisfaction is key to success

At the end of the day, your team is more likely to enjoy what they do and stick around if they feel satisfied in their job. Almost a third of employees cite job satisfaction as their reason for staying with a company, according to the Australian Human Resources Institute. The bonus is that positivity translates to productivity - the backbone of business growth. At Fonality, we're here to help create systems that aren't just great for business, but for your whole team, too. Get in touch today.