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A mobile smartphone offers a bright future for business unified communications.

For Apple's diehard fans, the wait is over. It's been nearly a month since the release of the iPhone X, the company's most advanced yet. Apple's website claims that it has long been the technology giant's dream to design a phone that is all screen, intuitive even to a user glance.

While this technology may seem like something straight from science fiction, it is the intuitive AI technology within iPhone X that makes this possible - and perhaps one of the best mobile device for integrated business communications on the market.


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iPhone X's new features

Looking at what new features the iPhone X has that makes it ideal for Unified Communications (UC) strategies, we see:

  • A facial ID feature has been one of Apple's primary marketing points. The intuitive spatial analysis software uses thousands of dots to map and render the precise dimensions of your face. This means it is now your password and secure protection, and you can run commands on your phone more intuitively.
  • The A11 Bionic AI system is the most advanced smart chip ever used in a phone, capable of processing up to 600 billion command per second, according to Apple. This makes performing searches and running communication apps on your phone easier than ever,
  • An A11 Bionic chip works better than ever with processing augmented reality games and apps. This gives users a more engaging communications experience.

The features they have added to the iPhone X make it sleek and attractive - but also make it a better tool for communicating.

An AI processing chip makes unifying your communications far more seamless. An AI processing chip makes unifying your communications far more seamless. 

How is the iPhone X a good tool for UC use?

Looking at the new features of the iPhone X, we can see a future for businesses' UC strategies:

  • Facial ID technology allows users communicating on a mobile device to better read the facial signatures and movements of the person they are talking to.
  • AI has been on the horizon for use in UC for a long time. The benefits of having an intuitive processing unit to help transfer data between communicators and assist with higher quality customer service is noted. An internal AI chip could unify communications between several mobile devices at once.
  • Augmented reality is another factor vital to the future UC strategies for businesses - the technology can aid better communications between staff by providing a more tangible aid to help describe items or view data. It also gives customers the chance to more tangibly see and test a product you are trying to sell them.

Embracing mobile devices that can boost your business' UC strategy is a good way to start improving your communications capabilities. For more information on the products you need to unify your communications, contact the Fonality team today.