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Digital communication is more advanced than ever before.

The way in which we communicate is more diverse than ever. The modern marketplace doesn't just consist of single stores and companies isolated to a suburb - the ability for people to work from all over the world has enabled them to conduct business from anywhere as well.

While being able to communicate from any location in an instant has opened up a new world of business collaboration, the expectations of the public have increased concurrently. 

As more businesses move online, it's crucial that they maintain a sense of connection with customers.

Increased expectations demand a more flexible system

Consumers and customers now demand more response from businesses, either through social media inquiries, call centre phone systems or out in the real world itself. In order to meet the customer expectations of your business, unified communications can be implemented to manage your phone calls, instant messaging, video conferencing and more.

Video conferencing is an increasingly popular option for businesses, as studies begin to show that using the service can increase both employee productivity and attention span over traditional phone systems.

This doesn't make traditional methods of communication redundant, but it shows that the business world is craving a return to more personal connection while still embracing emerging technology. 

Face-to-face helps humanise online businesses

We all still crave face-to-face communication at some point throughout our day, if you've spent a day or two locked inside with nothing but a computer screen, you'll know that there is little substitute for human contact. As more businesses move online, it's crucial that we maintain this sense of connection with our customers and employees.

Digital disconnect is another cause for concern; existing businesses will need to evolve their methods of communication to keep up with an increasingly tech-driven population. Providing a method of relaying information to customers that humanises the business can help your company stand out from the pack.

Video conferencing opens up an entirely new world of communication.Video conferencing opens up an entirely new world of communication.

Think about it like this. Let's say you have a number of utility bills you have to pay. You can pay your internet and power online, but for some reason you have to physically pay your water bill in person.

Now consider the frustration that accompanies the process, and how you may even move utility companies due to a competitor offering a payment system that was more flexible to your needs. As our world and everything in it aims to be more efficient and instantaneous, we require our communication systems to be updated accordingly. 

Relaying vital information to your customers can be the difference between a successful business or none at all. To discover how Fonality can implement unified communications and set you on the path to success, reach out to one of our team today.