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Virtual reality is set to change the way we do business.

With 2016 almost at a close, now is a good time for us to look to what changes the future might bring.

For business communications systems, there are many exciting developments on the way. Not only will new technologies change the game, so too will people's work habits influence how we communicate. Technology has afforded us greater flexibility in communicating between both our customers and our coworkers, and with the continual rise of cloud computing, the need to work in a centralised location has become less and less important.

One of the biggest areas pegged for future growth and development is the emergence of virtual reality (VR), explored extensively at the 2016 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Will combining VR with existing tech be the future of business?Will combining VR with existing tech be the future of business?

Collaboration in a virtual space

Communication is one area businesses are likely to make use of virtual reality. Exhibiting at the congress, VR company Summit was just one enterprise demonstrating its augmented reality and VR tech for the workplace. Imagine conference calling where you can 'hand' an augmented 3D image over to an investor? Or perhaps sharing a virtual room with a colleague half way across the world? 

VR technology could offer a safe and effective environment for trainees.

Professional training

Virtual reality also holds great potential for training staff. A M&M Global report on the Mobile World Congress highlights the pivotal role VR will play in professional training. Specifically, VR technology could offer a safe and effective environment for trainees in dangerous or highly technical industries. 

Remote workspaces

Without the need to spend every day at the office, employees are likely to work a few days a week at home, checking in to attend a virtual meeting when needed. Flexible workplaces have already proven how successful they are for improving employee turnover and retention, according to a recent AHRI PULSE survey. Combined with VR, you may not see as much of your employees physically, but they'll definitely stick around for a long time. 

In an increasingly virtual workspace, the need to communicate over multiple platforms and locations becomes more and more important. With Fonality, you don't have to wait for the future to take advantage of an integrated communication system. By hosting your channels on the cloud, you gain the freedom of a mobile workspace, and with our unified communications system your employees are never out of reach. Get in touch with us today to find out how.