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The days of clumsy and expensive private branch exchange (PBX) systems are steadily drawing to a close as more businesses across Australia come to terms with the potential of hosted communications solutions

Nowhere is this trend more pronounced than in the contact centre industry. In many ways, this sector relies on its phone system more than any other. After all, the dialogue between a company and its consumers can have a significant impact on how the public views the business and potentially influence the brand's overall reputation.

What's more, despite the advent of email, chat and video support, phone-based services remain an integral part of the business world, with the contact centre market growing by 12 per cent in 2013, according to research from Frost & Sullivan.

Will PBX systems go the way of the rotary dial phone?

With this mind, it's little surprise that call centres are increasingly abandoning conventional phone systems in favour of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) solutions. Frost & Sullivan forecasted that the cloud-based contact centre market will strengthen at a compound annual growth rate greater than 35 per cent until 2021.

So, more contact centres are moving to the cloud, but what's driving this trend?

1. Grows with your business

Balancing the costs of future-proofing a business particularly one with a high expansion potential is no easy feat. Thankfully, this is one worry you can eliminate when you move your contact centre to the cloud.

Customisable and flexible, a hosted communications solution expands or contracts with your contact centre's requirements, enabling managers to add seats on the fly and instantly respond to changes in the working environment.

Hosted communications solutions can save employees up to two hours per day.

2. Offers greater collaboration opportunities

Effective internal communication is a tough thing to nail down, as the dynamic nature of a contact centre often means that employees are engaged in other activities around the office and cannot be reached by phone.

Modern hosted phone systems eliminate this issue. Fonality's solutions, for example, come packaged with an intuitive heads up display graphical user interface, which offers chat, conferencing and screen sharing, alongside a slew of other features, which we've found can save employees up to two hours in productivity every day.

3. Reduces maintenance costs

Across every sector, businesses will naturally look for ways to reduce expenses. Compared to traditional PBX systems, hosted communications solutions have substantially fewer costs involved with both the initial setup and ongoing maintenance. 

This effectively allows contact centres to have their cake and eat it too, by bringing more features to the table while enabling companies to save money. 

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