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What's the power of enterprise-grade instant messaging?

Employing a number of different communication mediums is a vital part of a functioning business due to the range of communication scenarios faced in day-to-day work. An email may suit one setting, such as establishing a meeting time between multiple parties, while a phone call may be a better fit for something else, like discussing a project in detail.

Instant messaging is increasingly finding its place in the modern Australian business too. Read on to see how this power goes beyond just the popularity of emojis (businesses' use quadrupled in 2016 from the previous year according to customer platform Intercom) and offers organisations and employees an instant and easy form of mobile communication.

The benefits of enterprise-grade instant messaging

User messaging offers a lot of benefits for organisations that want to connect their employees and customers in real-time:

  • An instant communications platform allows simple customer queries to be answered in less time than a phone call and more personably than by email. This improves your company's standing in the eyes of those who pay the bills.
  • This instantaneous, easy communication ability benefits your employees too. Simple questions and information can be shared and addressed immediately, reducing the likelihood of projects getting weighed down in miscommunication.
  • The increasing use of technological tools, such as predictive texting and AI assistance, means instant messaging is becoming one of the swiftest and most accurate forms of communication in the business world.
Enterprise-grade instant messaging offers businesses an immediate and easy way to connect customers and employees.Enterprise-grade instant messaging offers businesses an immediate and easy way to connect customers and employees.

The limitations of siloed instant messaging

The benefits of immediate written communication are obvious - but many of these positives are nullified unless your enterprise-grade instant messaging system is integrated with other communications platforms. For example, if two individuals are collaborating on a project via instant messaging, email and video calls, information is exchanged and stored in three separate places. This means they have to waste time searching between applications to find data they need. In order to gain the full benefits of enterprise instant messaging, businesses need a Unified Communications (UC) platform.

Fonality's HUD system

Fonality's Heads-Up Display (HUD) UC solution is an essential tool for improving business productivity. HUD offers businesses one central platform for coordinating all communications, including access to landline calls, conference and video call settings, emailing, instant messaging and even file sharing applications. This interaction between multiple forms of communication means you can instantly access and transfer data between any of these sources, giving your employees a total problem-solving overview. Key to the HUD solution is enterprise-grade instant messaging, enabling employees to quickly exchange information whenever needed.

For more information on the benefits of instant messaging, or details about the Fonality HUD solution, contact the team today.