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Unified communications can help companies become more compliant.

It can be said that compliance is essential when operating within any industry, none more so than the financial and healthcare industries. This is where harsh laws and regular audits can place additional pressures on your already hard working employees - and errors and oversights can have devastating consequences.

The challenges of digital communication

Within regulated sectors, there are complex rules around communications, and companies need to make sure their digital exchanges are compliant across the board - this is where having a unified communications system can help.

Can your company say with confidence that your digital and physical communications are compliant? Often, those who work within regulated industries are aware that their company's communications are not always 100 per cent compliant, but concede that it is hard to stay on top of what's what when so many digital interactions are made each day. Mitchell Atkins, a financial services expert, told Forbes that training reviewers of electronic communications to understand what they are looking for was of the utmost importance.

What you need is a system that documents and records digital communications in an easy and effective manner.  By using an integrated Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system that allows for a greater ease of use, your company will be across its communications more effectively.

Healthcare industry digital communications must be carefully regulated.The healthcare industry's digital communications must be carefully regulated.

The Privacy Act

In Australian law, the Privacy Act of 1988 details how private and public sector departments must handle sensitive information. The Act is arranged into 13 privacy principals, regulating how organisations can handle personal and confidential information and data.

According to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, the Privacy Act regulates the privacy component of medical research, the consumer credit reporting system and health and tax file numbers. But what does this mean for business and how can unified communications help?

For starters, health information is usually considered to be one of the highest forms of sensitive data that can pass through devices. If you were operating a business that dealt with health care data, you might want to consider a unified communications system as a solution. With this in mind, recent Pitney Bowes advice states that meeting standards for security and data integrity are closely linked to having a third-party system that you can rely on.

How VoIP can help

Fonality's VoIP unified communications product has robust and powerful reporting and training tools incorporated into the system. By using this aspect of Fonality's software to keep track of communications and record calls, you can ensure that your company is compliant.

For more information on how Fonality can help you be a more compliant firm, get in touch with Fonality today.