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Time is a valuable thing. Don't let it slip by.

Technology can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to productivity. In the modern workplace, employees are bombarded by distractions on a daily basis, squandering precious time and money. 

Get tech to work in your favour. With Fonality's business phone systems, 75 per cent of employee time wastage can be saved by utilising unified communications. 

Below, we've outlined some of the biggest time wasting culprits, and how Fonality can help you make them a thing of the past.

Take back wasted time by unifying you communication.Take back wasted time by unifying you communication.

1. Chatting with coworkers

While we all love to gossip over the water cooler, we end up wasting much of our day doing so. Open office designs have largely facilitated this, allowing us to tap our coworkers on the shoulder whenever we please. According to Harold Hillman, MD of Sigmoid Curve Consulting Group speaking to NZME, open offices are a huge source of distraction, with these interruptions eating up a big chunk of our time. 

Gossip aside, you're likely to waste around two hours worth of productivity throughout the day. With unified communications, you can gain the majority of this time back. Using Fonality's Heads Up Display, you can talk to your coworkers without getting up and bothering them. You're also more likely to limit your conversations to the work at hand, further reducing distraction.

2. Unnecessary meetings

While staff meetings are a crucial part of business, the Harvard Business Review cautions that many are effectively time-wasters. Without clear goals and objectives, meetings do little more than provide unnecessary interruption. Rather than rely on physical presence for communicating ideas between staff, corporate phone systems are a great way to bring multiple people in on a single tracked conversation, so that everyone is instantly on the same page and can get back to work.

It's becoming unnecessary for people to spend all their time in the office.

3. Time wasted travelling

With the mobile workforce steadily growing, it's becoming unnecessary for people to spend all of their time in the office. Today, workplaces are more flexible, and that saves time and money. The Independent Professionals survey found that 87 per cent of employees who had flexible schedules were more satisfied in their job and 71 per cent were more productive. With unified communications, next time someone calls to say their car won't start, they'll still be able to work from home whilst they wait for the auto repair man.

At Fonality, we want to help streamline your business, so you can save time and get back to doing what you do best. Get in touch with us today to find out how.