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Could your business phone system benefit from a BYOD policy?
If there's one fundamental truth about the dining out experience in Australia it this: we love a BYO. Whether it's carrying a few stubbies to your friend's backyard BBQ or a bottle of wine to a restaurant for date night, we like to know our refreshment needs are going to be met no matter where we are. 

What you may find surprising is that, as mobile technology continues to improve, more and more small businesses are implementing their own BYO system. It's called Bring Your Own Device, and according to Gartner, 38 per cent of employers are expected to adopt the practice by some time this year. Could your business phone system be improved by joining the trend?

Allowing people to use their own devices for work purposes can genuinely impact on employee performance and general happiness.

Embracing our love of devices

According to Deloitte research, more than half of all Australians over the age of 14 are considered "digital omnivores", and own not just a smartphone, but a laptop and tablet as well. With such incredible penetration by modern computing and telecommunications devices, employers are beginning to consider the benefits of allowing their staff to use their personal gadgets for professional tasks.

Allowing people to use their own devices for work purposes is a good idea not just from a cost-saving perspective, but can genuinely impact on employee performance and general happiness as well. While many of the technological differences between different smartphones are negligible, people love to customise and make their gadgets their own.

ABI Research estimated that the worldwide market for smartphone accessories would pass the $80 billion mark in 2015, with carry cases the fastest growing category. It may seem like a small concern, but allowing one staff member make work calls from their Batman Android tablet while another chooses a Superman iPhone can allow that extra feeling of individuality so many people crave.

Australians love personalising their multiple devices. Australians love personalising their myriad of devices.

Adaptable phone systems for business

Having a BYOD policy may seem like a nice idea, but it's important that your small business has a suitable phone system to accommodate a variety of devices. Creating a unified communications process should still take priority, but luckily with Fonality's Mobile HUD the user experience is streamlined across computer, tablet and smartphone, meaning you maintain the same workflow wherever you are.

As a small-business owner, your employees are your greatest asset, and allowing them to express their unique personalities can make for a healthier workspace. Perhaps now is the time to jump on the BYOD bandwagon.