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Digital transformation requires an all-inclusive platform like unified communications to truly break down silos.

In the modern enterprise era, the only thing worse than not adopting new technologies is deploying platforms that can't interconnect.

Business silos are the bane of existence for managers, whose goal is to create a collaborative and unified workforce. No matter how intriguing a productivity solution is, if it can't communicate with vital applications of a job - such as a business phone system with the Salesforce platform - it will ultimately fall flat to expectations.

Innovative technology

Digital transformation is a phrase that's loosely thrown around in the corporate world, but has the underlying potential to increase a company's bottom-line drastically if implemented correctly.

Productivity solutions are only effective if they remove business silos.Productivity solutions are only effective if they remove business silos.

For example: Cloud storage has become increasingly popular, but because of its quick deployment availability, many business rush into incorporating it into day-to-day operations. If the organisation doesn't take the time to align its existing applications and software to communicate with the new infrastructure, data can't pass through as easily as was originally intended.

By adopting all-inclusive platforms that integrate previously existing solutions and can be accessed from a single page or with the click of a button, businesses often realise the following benefits:

  • Improved agility, flexibility and productivity.
  • Reduced costs associated with inefficient processes.
  • Quicker product roll-out.
  • Enhanced customer service.

Breaking down silos

Unified communications platforms receive a lot of praise for their ability to aggregate key functions on a business phone system, like video conferencing, drag-and-drop calling and mobile functionality. But perhaps its greatest asset lies in the seamless integration of popular solutions.

Salesforce is one of the most commonly used applications among sales teams. It goes hand-in-hand with the required daily task of logging information to develop a funnel where each department can do its job to bring the client on-board.



But, one of the catches of Salesforce is that personnel often have to log that information after the call, cutting into their productivity. With an all-inclusive unified communications platform, organisations can integrate Salesforce with their business phone system to gain the following advantages:

  • Accurate record keeping.
  • Personalised service with caller ID that brings up client information automatically.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity by connecting previously siloed platforms.

Intuitive technology solutions are certainly in the future for many enterprises. But unless the systems are connected to allow for the seamless transfer of information and data, organisations won't receive the full benefits. Contact a Fonality representative today to understand how your business can break apart its silos.