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Your employees could be carrying the office phone system in their pocket.

For many people, finding employment is simply a means to an end - the pursuit of a paycheck allowing them to live their lives in whatever modicum of comfort they desire. A lot of us struggle through the work day, eye on the clock, and each Friday evening is greeted with relief more than anything else.

It's the way it has been for generations, however the truly lucky people among us manage to secure a job that's not only a way to pay the bills, but offers a genuinely rewarding professional experience surrounded by like-minded people. Much of what makes these occupations great is the culture developed within a company: the x-factor that turns an everyday job into something more.

To attract and retain the best talent, building a strong company culture is essential. People will be less inclined to stick it out if you're not offering them compelling reasons to work for you, so let's look at some ways to improve the experience of your employees.

Is your company culture keeping your employees happy?Is your company culture keeping your employees happy?

Why is company culture so important?

We've all heard stories about companies with exceptional company culture. Organisations like animation studio Pixar, whose focus on creativity and allowing their workers to develop ideas has seen them become one of the most successful film production houses of the past 20 years.

According to Great Place to Work, companies that focus on building a strong in-house culture not only attract the best employees, but they also see improvements in financial performance and brand recognition. Whether it's organising regular fun events in the office, offering rewards and incentives for top performers or easing to the way people work by tweaking the business phone system, boosting satisfaction amongst your staff is key to becoming a great workplace. 

Boosting satisfaction amongst your staff is key to becoming a great workplace.

How innovation can help with culture

You may not think it would make a huge difference, but offering people greater flexibility for workplace communications can have a huge role in employee morale. Research from Deloitte has shown that companies with flexible IT policies generally have more satisfied employees. As many as 83 per cent of workers report feeling happy with their jobs in these organisations, compared to just 62 per cent employed by more traditional companies. 

A study carried out by finance and software company Intuit found that 90 per cent of firms surveyed reported a positive impact on their business from mobile devices, with 77 per cent saying the ability to perform work-related tasks from anywhere was very important. What easier way is there to offer that to your staff than through a bring your own device (BYOD) policy?

Moving to a (BYOD) solution in your business can increase productivity, as employees will be working with technology they are familiar with, and also lower your equipment costs. Giving people the tools and opportunities to work where they want, when they want, however has also been found by Cisco to increase job satisfaction, thanks to the greater sense of control they feel over their working life. 

Is BYOD right for your business phone system?Is BYOD right for your business phone system?

Implementing BYOD in your office phone system

Thanks to the pervasiveness of smartphones, tablets and laptops in our world today, making the shift to a BYOD solution couldn't be simpler. You'll likely find that the majority of your workers already possess the equipment to get the job done, so giving them that option requires very little effort. 

With office phone systems such as those offered by Fonality, it's easy to get your communications underway no matter what the device. Speak to us today for more information about how BYOD can improve your company culture.