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Is it time to take your business to the cloud?

In days past, if someone said your business had its head in the clouds, they probably weren't being particularly complimentary. Times have changed, however, and as technology and internet accessibility continues to improve, more and more Australian SMEs are looking to the cloud to increase efficiency, improve collaboration and cut down on costs.

If you are a small-business owner, perhaps you're thinking the time might be right to move some of your company's computing needs, including office phone systems, into the cloud.

A cloud-based business phone system can make a huge difference to your overall productivity

Boost productivity amongst your workforce

Motivating your workers to improve their performance is one of the great challenges of business ownership, from the smallest family-run organisation right up to gigantic corporations. Where you can gain an edge, however, is in making your systems as streamlined and easy to work with as possible.

In CPA Australia's Guide to the Cloud, they note that cloud computing allows employees to access business systems via the internet on a full array of modern devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. Having a unified system which offers the same user experience wherever you or your staff are can simplify day-to-day operations, and remove the learning curve for new and existing staff.

If your small business requires employees to be mobile, a cloud-based business phone system can make a huge difference to your overall productivity.

As your business grows, easy scaling options are important.As your business grows, easy scaling options are important.

Allow room for growth

While some small businesses are happy to stay just as they are, in reality most companies have long-term growth goals which might require increasing their workforce or office space. While in the past the process of upgrading your computer and phone systems could be a huge chore, using a cloud-based system can simplify the scaling and relocating process. 

Rather than requiring your company to purchase upgraded IT infrastructure itself, cloud service providers are constantly improving their back-end equipment, leaving you free to continue focusing on your own business. Even better, when the time comes to move to a different location, all you have to do is unplug and pack up your computers and phone system, and reconnect it at your new site. 

If you're looking for ways to improve productivity in your business, perhaps it's time you considered putting your own head in the cloud. Join the ever-improving digital workplace revolution, and find out how you can modernise your business phone system today.