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How are you supporting diverse customers?

Fairness, equality and respect is the cornerstone of any modern society. These traits are the fundamental values individuals, and businesses, should carry, and as a nation, Australia is built from a rich tapestry of peoples. Around a quarter of Australia's population was born overseas, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and we celebrate a wide range of cultures, speak many languages and carry different personal identities and orientations.

Yet, at least in the world of business, there still seems to be a gap on how we treat customers from different backgrounds. At least one in five customers have ceased a transaction in the past 12 months because they were not treated respectfully or fairly, reports Deloitte's 2017 customer diversity survey.

How can businesses use unified communications and contact centres to reverse this?

At least one in five customers have ceased a transaction in the past 12 months because they were not treated respectfully or fairly.

Supporting diversity through your call centre

What are people looking for when they reach out to your contact centre? Aside from the obvious technical requirements, they want the same things any person looks for: To be treated with fairness and respect, and to have their concerns heard. The way contact centre operators handle such calls plays a big part in how this pans out. 

Customers from diverse backgrounds who have positive experiences with businesses are much more likely to notice, appreciate and recommend a service to others, reports Deloitte. Businesses that actively focus on improving customer experience of existing diverse customers, rather than putting out fires, are the ones that see positive value to their company.

Ensuring your business phone systems and call centres have a proactive way to maintain an inclusive and supportive customer experience can help boost customer retention. With Fonality's Contact Centre, even small businesses can function like a fully-fledged operation that can boost customer experience on two fronts: Firstly, the ability to re-route calls instantly leverages agent's skills and experience so that the best person in your company answers the call, and secondly, the ability to monitor and drop into calls allows managers to navigate agents behind the scenes to ensure that your centre maintains an open and inclusive experience.

A supportive office is a productive office.A supportive office is a productive office.

Promoting diversity in the office

Actively cultivating a diverse and supportive environment at work can boost performance, too. Employees feel included at work when their diversities validated and supported. In return, they are more innovative and collaborative, even more responsive to customers needs, according to the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation. 

Giving your employees a platform to communicate from can go a long way to promoting equality in the workplace. With Fonality's Heads Up Display, workers can message, call and video each other all from a single application. With everyone on the same level, your business can foster a culture where everybody, regardless of background, can work on the same playing field.

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