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Does face-to-face still have a place in business?

Even with the many forms of digital communication at our fingertips, the value of a face-to-face conversation must never be overlooked. 

As more communication is done electronically, facilitated by web-based cloud solutions, businesses have opened up in ways previously thought impossible. Text, email, chat and messaging are ways to quickly and efficiently connect people from drastically different backgrounds and drive business productivity and growth.

Face-to-face communicating is often considered the dinosaur of the group with less and less relevance, but as businesses move into the future, this perception isn't true at all.

Face to face still has an important place in business.Face-to-face still has an important place in business.

Making the most of a global workforce

Digital communication technology has shrunk the world. Bringing people from different countries and continents together with the aid of technology has removed the obstacle of physical location. Now, businesses are open to sourcing talent and solutions wherever they may be. 

It's a trend that's only set to continue, according to Deloitte's 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey. Many business sectors, including IT, law, HR, finance and procurement expect around a 10-30 per cent increase in the use of outsourcing for various business functions. Why? The Deloitte survey reports it comes down to cost-cutting, freeing businesses up to focus on core goals and solving capacity issues at home.

Many companies rely on cloud technology solutions to successfully integrate this outsourcing model. However, to draw out the fill potential of an international and culturally diverse team, the Harvard Business Review suggests that it's the time spent talking face-to-face that contributes most to improving performance and mutual understanding.

Engaging a multi-generational population

The current business environment is a melting pot of different generations. With the last of the baby boomers nearing retirement, Generation X and Generation Y vying for managerial roles, and Generation Z making their first steps into the working world, there's a virtual cacophony of habits and trends rubbing shoulders in the workspace.

In terms of communication, each generations favours their own unique approach, leaning towards one form of technology over the other. However, all generations value the power of face-to-face communication, whether in-person or facilitated by technology, says Forbes. 

Video conferencing: putting a face on communication technology

Integrating video collaboration platforms as part of a unified communications strategy is a great way to retain the effectiveness of face-to-face interactions across generations and international borders alike.

With the likes of Fonality's video conferencing tools integrated with out Heads Up Display (HUD), you can gain the power of nuanced and subtle communication that happens in person with the utility of web-based communication over remote distances, connecting people of different ages and cultural backgrounds with ease.

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