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Is your business taking advantage of online platforms?

Physical location is no longer a barrier for small businesses. Traditionally, a customer base was strictly limited to how far an employee could travel to reach them. For small businesses, this posed a significant hurdle in accessing wider markets throughout Australia and beyond.

However, with the rise of digital technologies and mobile solutions, physical barriers are quickly falling away. In fact, small businesses in Australia hold the potential to unlock over $49 billion in economic value over the next decade by embracing mobile tech, according to PwC's Small Business: Digital Growth report. 

While these mobile platforms can help drive business growth, it's unified communications (UC) that brings it all together.

Mobile tech lets businesses reach out to more customers.Mobile tech lets businesses reach out to more customers.

Connecting to customers with digital technology

Accessing customers is a challenge for any business, regardless of size or location. However, now that nine out of 10 Australian adults are online, according to the Australian Communication and Media Authority, connecting to these customers is a very real possibility with the right mobile solution.

With the ability to spread the metaphorical net not just nationally but internationally, even the smallest businesses can have a global presence. 

Making use of talent near and far

A further obstacle for small businesses is trying to perform the same level of work as a big corporation, but with fewer people. 

Small businesses need to be everywhere at once, which sometimes means team members have to spend significantly less time in the office than everyone else. 

Mobile tech puts the power back in the hands of small businesses. Thanks to cloud technology and collaborative services, remote, part time or causal employees can stay up to date and fully connected whenever or wherever they happen to be. Working from home or halfway across the country is a breeze.

Mobile tech puts the power back in the hands of small business.

Unified communications: the bow that ties mobile tech together

In order to make the most of mobile platforms, it's essential that businesses have a way to pool together these resources in a simple, coherent manner. Unified communications, such as Fonality's Heads Up Display, is a way to combine and manage a business' phone, email, instant messaging, VoIP, conference calls,screen sharing and more in a single place.

By taking advantage of UC, small businesses can more efficiently collaborate and connect with clients and employees alike, to drive growth and remain agile in a competitive business environment.

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