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Work smarter not harder: 3 reasons to move communications to the cloud

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Can your SME benefit from a move to the cloud?,Can your SME benefit from a move to the cloud?

It's a common myth that businesses move to the cloud solely to save money, says Deloitte. In reality, what cloud technology offers (as well as cost saving) is agility and flexibility in a competitive environment.

Who can benefit the most from this? Small businesses.

With fewer employees, small businesses have to perform at the same level of bigger companies, and cloud technology is the tool that lets them do so. SMEs that are using an above average of cloud services are growing much more quickly than their competitors who aren't, according to Deloitte's 2014 small business cloud survey.

Here's three reasons why a switch to the cloud is a smart move.

Cloud computing is an essential tool for small business.Cloud computing is an essential tool for small business.

1. Scalability

Growing up or scaling down shouldn't come as a penalty to small businesses. Yet it's one of the key challenges SMEs face, according to Deloitte. Cloud technology helps small business owners overcome this constraint, with 85 per cent of respondents believing the cloud helps enable their business to scale with growth.

Remove the guesswork with predicting your company's future capacity needs. With Fonality's hosted PBX, only pay for the employees you have, adding more or reeling back capacity as and when is needed.

2. Connecting a diverse team

Adopting cloud technologies and unified communications can help businesses of any size be more flexible.

Making the most of human resources can be a challenge, especially if running a successful business requires team members to be spread across multiple locations at once, such as sales staff, account managers or contact centre employees.

Adopting cloud technologies and unified communications can help businesses of any size be more flexible. Cloud computing allows employees to access their data from anywhere with an internet connection, at any time, regardless of whether they are in the office or on the road.

Cloud computing also lets employees work with the devices they are most comfortable with, accessing their data and communications across phones, tablets and computers.

3. Collaborating more

Small teams need to work well together, so technology that improves collaboration improves the performance of the whole team. Cloud-enabled collaboration platforms, such as running Fonality's Heads Up Display through hosted or hybrid PBX, gives small businesses a space to work together that's not reliant on physical time or location.

To find out more about how our mobility systems can help your team work smarter, get in touch with Fonality today.