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    Hybrid PBX

    Stepping stone to the cloud

    With the myriad of advantages it provides, more and more companies are becoming comfortable with hosting applications in the cloud. Whether your company is ready to leverage the benefits of a pure cloud solution or not, Fonality has a solution that enables you to migrate at a pace according to your business needs. Not ready for a pure cloud solution? Fonality provides a unique hybrid-hosted environment by offering a best of breed approach. 

    With the communication solution hardware residing on the customer’s site, elements such as call security, automatic default failovers and call control remain at the discretion of the customer. In order to increase efficiency and flexibility into the communication solution, the user and administrative control panels reside in the cloud, hosted within one of two Fonality data centres and available 24/7 from anywhere with a network connection. This hybrid approach enables IT managers to focus on the more important elements of growing a dynamic business, rather than worrying about configuration backups and the hassles of rolling a service truck for moves, adds and changes.

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    Flexibility of Hosted Technology

    Available software updates  Available software updates

    Access anywhere, anytime  Anytime, anywhere access

    Seamless scalability  Seamless scalability

    Configuration backups  Configuation backups

    Moves, adds, and changes in minutes  Moves, Adds, Changes in minutes

    Reliability of an On-Premise Server

    Available software updates  Investment protection

    Available software updates  IP PBX on-site

    Available software updates  Auto PSTN Failover

    Available software updates  Least cost routing