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Connect Critical Information Summary

Product: The Fonality Connect solution, comprising Connect and Connect+

The Fonality Connect solution is a phone system for your business comprising a cloud based unified communications solution which provides the same calling experience as a land line using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).  The service is available to business customers.  

Information about the service:
The Fonality Connect solution is a hosted platform delivering telephony features via VoIP. Voice calls are transported over a data network via a Local Area Network (LAN) or directly via the Internet. This, in turn, connects back to the Fonality data centre which is a cloud environment.

Connect: Connect enables your company to present a professional-grade experience to callers including greetings and call management with an auto-attendant, Excel productivity with a suite of mobility features including Find-Me options, transferring calls to and from your mobile device, and the ability to call out from your voicemail. . The Connect product features include: Fonality IP phone or softphone; dedicated phone number; phone number porting; virtual number; voicemail; voicemail to email; call transfer, forwarding, hold and waiting; mobility; find me/follow me; boomerang mobile integration; call screening; call out from voicemail; call return from voicemail; scheduler; night mode; music on hold; single ring-all group; company directory; call log reporting; outbound caller-ID number and outbound Caller-ID name; extension busy lamp field; web-based admin panel; multiple auto attendants; paging and intercom; upload custom voice prompts; and inbound caller ID name tagging.

Connect+: Connect+ is a robust, all inclusive cloud-based unified communications solution that includes all of the functionality of Connect together with an extensive suite of communication and collaboration tools including: conference bridges; extension groups with permissions; voicemail groups; additional mailboxes; IVR authentication, virtual extensions; toll restrictions; multiple ring groups; call recording on the fly, plus additional call centre productivity enhancement features including: unlimited call queues, call-whisper-barge, ACD, ACD call reporting, graphical reports, viewing agent status and call alerts.

The service includes:
PABX server hosting and maintenance: Your own PABX server, hosted and managed in our Enterprise-class data centre, with a feature suite of your choice.

Calls and VoIP lines:

  • local and national calls in Australia
  • calls to standard landlines to Mainland USA, UK and NZ
  • 60 minutes per handset, every month, to mobiles in Australia (minutes pooled across all users)
  • VoIP lines for everyone to carry a call concurrently
  • One 'Office/Main' number (new, or keep your existing number)
  • One direct-in-dial number for every extension ordered

Handsets: Choose an assortment of handsets from our range of high-quality IP handsets, no upfront purchases required. The Fonality Connect solution is only intended for use only Fonality-provided or Fonality-certified Polycom or Yealink handset equipment. If such equipment is provided by Fonality it will remain the property of Fonality. Fonality reserves the right to terminate or suspend the service if you use any other equipment without the prior written approval from Fonality.

Fonality Support:
 Business hours general support from 9am to 6pm AEST on business days and 24/7 emergency support.
This offer is for a minimum initial term of 36 months and will renew for another 36 months unless Fonality is notified in writing. The offer is available on a "cancellable" and "non-cancellable" basis subject to the terms and conditions located at:

The cancellable terms and conditions may be terminated with 14 days written notice before the next billing date at any time during the contract. The non-cancellable terms and conditions may be terminated with 60 days written notice prior to the expiry of the initial 36 month term or any subsequent 36 month period. 

Please note that service plans that allow for unlimited use of Connect and Connect+ are subject to reasonable business use, as per our Fair Use Policy available at http://www.fonality.com.au/legal/fair_use_policy

The Fonality Connect solution requires a working internet connection (ADSL 2+ as a minimum), which must be supplied by you. Fonality recommends a dedicated Internet for the VoIP solution if possible.  IP phone or softphone software is also required for use of Fonality Connect solution with a PC. The cost of such software is included in the monthly charges.

Information about pricing:
The minimum monthly charge is $39/handset/month +GST on Connect, or $59/handset/month +GST on Connect+, excluding non-recurring charges such as activation fees, shipping charges, disconnection fees, equipment charges, excess mobile call charges and toll charges. There is a minimum requirement of 5 handsets  to take up the Connect hosted product making the minimum monthly fee at $195 + GST per month for Connect and $295 +GST for Connect+. Minimum monthly charge dependent on handset chosen. Minimums include: 

  • Yealink T21P E2 - $39.00 Ex GST per user / handset on Connect & Yealink T21P E2 - $59.00 Ex GST per user / handset on Connect+
  • Yealink T42G - $48.00 Ex GST per user / handset on Connect & Yealink T42G - $68.00 Ex GST per user / handset on Connect+
  • Yealink T46G - $64.00 Ex GST per user / handset on Connect & Yealink T46G - $84.00 Ex GST per user / handset on Connect+
  • Yealink T48G - $75.00 Ex GST per user / handset on Connect & Yealink T48G - $95.00 Ex GST per user / handset on Connect+
  • Yealink W52P - $51.00 Ex GST per user / handset on Connect & Yealink W52P - $71.00 Ex GST per user / handset on Connect+
  • Polycom VVX 201 - $39.00 Ex GST per user / handset on Connect & Polycom VVX 201 - $59.00 Ex GST per user / handset on Connect+
  • Polycom 331 - $39.00 Ex GST per user / handset on Connect & Polycom 331 - $59.00 Ex GST per user / handset on Connect+
  • Polycom VVX 400 - $54.00 Ex GST per user / handset on Connect & Polycom VVX 400 - $74.00 Ex GST per user / handset on Connect+
  • Polycom VVX 500 - $74.00 Ex GST per user / handset on Connect & Polycom VVX 500 - $94.00 Ex GST per user / handset on Connect+
  • Polycom Soundstation 6000 - $89.00 Ex GST per user / handset on Connect & Polycom Soundstation 6000 - $109.00 Ex GST per user / handset on Connect+

Calls to mobiles in Australia cost 12c/min calls, once you have exceeded your allocated included time for calls to mobiles. Accordingly, the cost of making a two minute mobile phone call in Australia is 24c.  International rates are as set out at  http://www.fonality.com.au/connect/rates

If you terminate your contract, in both instances, you will be liable for all service-related charges, including usage, up until the termination date. In addition, for non-cancellable contracts, the termination fee equals the recurring fee in respect of the period up to the expiry of the relevant 36 month period.

Other information:
You may log in to your account using the Control Panel on our website or email accounts@fonality.com.au for information regarding your call usage.

International rates vary by destination country, city and band, and are subject to change. You will be charged for all calls to any international destination, excluding inclusive countries, in full-minute increments at Fonality’s then-current international rates, regardless of whether the party on the other line answers the call. 

Please contact customer service on (02) 8484 2601 or via email at accounts@fonality.com.au if you have any queries regarding this service or if you wish to access our internal dispute resolution processes. 

This document is a summary only. Fonality's full terms and conditions are located at www.fonality.com.au.

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman may be contacted as follows:

Phone: 1800 062 058

Fax: 1800 630 614

Online: http://www.tio.com.au/about-us/contact-us

Postal address: at PO Box 276, Collin Street West VIC 2007