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    Provest Insurance Co.

    Fonality Solution Provides Seamless Mobility for Insurance Agency

    Jay-Adkins“The phone system has truly changed the way I do business. I’m connected to my business at all times, no matter where I’m physically located.” 

    Jay Adkins, owner of Provest Insurance, an exclusive provider from a top-three national insurance company has been in business since 2001. Jay currently operates five locations in North Carolina, Texas and Florida, and growing.

    In 2001, Jay Adkins opened the doors to the first Provest Insurance agency with one agent. As a small business owner, Jay quickly hit a ceiling in terms of growth. He spent the bulk of his time working to support his agents and keep track of inbound and outbound customer communications. The lack of affordable call center and reporting features for a small business made it very difficult for Jay to focus on business development and operations. With the goal to grow and expand, Jay knew he needed a  business communication solution with more than just dial tone that could easily scale quickly and seamlessly.

    In 2008 after extensive research of business phone solutions, Jay chose Fonality to provide Provest Insurance with a VoIP phone system. Fonality’s solution could easily grow with his business and keep him fully operational and able to interact with his agents and customers no matter where he was.


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    View Employee Productivity Anywhere

    Managing five offices in three states takes Jay on the road frequently. It’s critical to understand what’s going on at the office at all times, and with Fonality, he can keep an eye on his agents’ productivity. “The most beneficial feature is being able to view the productivity of agents in real-time, “says Jay. “I can see in real-time which agents are on the phone, how long they’ve been on a call, and even monitor or join in on those calls to provide support.” These features allow Jay to have a 360 degree view of employee activity and interaction with customers no matter where he is – even on a plane with Wi-Fi access. “The phone system has truly changed the way I do business. I’m connected to my business at all times, no matter where I’m physically located.” The availability of strong call center features also means that Provest Insurance can ensure the highest levels of service for their customers.

    Training New Employees Faster

    Although the phone system includes many robust features, it’s simple for agents to learn and use. “It’s simplified the process of training our new employees,” says Jay. “When I hire a new staff member I can easily train them on the phone system in about 30 minutes proficiently. There’s nothing confusing —it’s such a simple system to use.” With the phone being an agent’s lifeline to customers, every call is critical. Agents can easily control and customize the phone features to ensure they stay in touch with clients at all times.

    Increase Collaboration

    Provest Insurance also uses Fonality’s flagship application Heads Up Display (HUD) to bring together all communication features and functions into one centralized, easy-to use dashboard on the desktop. “Using HUD has helped our agency run more efficiently,” adds Jay. “The HUD display is a point and click

    system that allows me to transfer calls to voicemail, cell phones, another extension, without having to push buttons on a phone.” This tool enables Jay and his employees to increase productivity via an intuitive desktop interface with simple click-and-drag controls. Features such as visual voicemail, integrated instant messaging, and real time employee status instantly accelerate business processes and time to decisions. He also takes full advantage of Fonality’s call center features, including intelligent call routing, unlimited call queues, and detailed metrics and call reports previously only available with big company phone solutions.

    Expand Your Business

    With a Fonality communication solution, Jay was able to turn his focus and energy towards growing his business. His ability to travel and still remain completely connected to his agents and customers significantly improved overall productivity for him and his staff. Through the use of HUD chat, Jay could quickly answer any questions in a matter of seconds, as opposed to hours. In just six years, Jay managed to grow his business from one employee in one state to over thirty employees in five locations in three states…and the business continues to grow. "I would not have been able to go into multiple states without a Fonality phone system. The system can scale seamlessly as the business expands, and the features have allowed my staff and I to be completely mobile. If I would have had Fonality when I first opened my business I’d be ten times bigger today. Whether you’re a single agency or multiple agencies, this system will take your business to the next level."