Why is managed SD-WAN from Fonality the right option for your company?

Scratch the surface of various providers' SD-WAN solutions, and you'll find they are not all equal. Not every partner can deliver the high level of performance and reliability your company demands. Fonality stands ready to truly optimise your IT configurations. We back this promise up with advantages including the following:
Cost savings and maximised bandwidth

With bandwidth demands only increasing in the era of SaaS-based application usage, your organisation needs a way to get maximum computing resources without breaking the budget. A managed SD-WAN configuration from Fonality aggregates all types of access, making them a seamless part of your network. This includes:

checkmark@300x   Private Connections
checkmark@300x   Public internet resources
checkmark@300x   Wireless and satellite networks

This SD-WAN offering is truly access agnostic, allowing you to fulfill all your business needs and incorporate every one of your locations. At locations with poor connectivity, where high-speed private networking is not an option, you can still secure reliable bandwidth by aggregating connections. The prices for high-speed private networking equipment also tend to be far higher than the resources you can aggregate into a reliable SD-WAN network.

Centralised management for your network

Managing your entire network through a single pane of glass is a major source of convenience for your organisation, especially if you operate from many locations. The centralised cloud portal is not just universal, it is intuitive and easy for your team to use.

This single interface allows IT stakeholders to set policies and prioritise applications from wherever they are. This applies whether they are managing connectivity at their own locations or creating universal settings for the whole company. It's even possible to drill down to a single application, device or user profile and oversee that resource individually.

The deep analytic tools associated with the managed SD-WAN solution are available through the centralised cloud portal. A user employing these analytics can view present and historical performance data at a general or specific level, launching queries that will help enable greater control of the network, troubleshoot issues and deliver performance benefits.

Simplified network deployments

One of the most challenging parts of networking is the process of adding new locations or devices to the network — at least, that is a challenge when you're not using Fonality's managed SD-WAN solution. Features include consolidated form factor and zero-touch provisioning, meaning that IT managers can standardize their network devices across locations, with no hassle and a minimum of downtime.

One of the constants regarding networking is that there will always be a need for change. Deploying new assets is a common issue, and one that SD-WAN prepares you to deal with, provided you have the right partner.

The process of adding traditional edge devices to a private business network is costly and complex due to the difficulty and expense of procuring diverse equipment. SD-WAN takes the guesswork out, and Fonality's managed SD-WAN makes this painless for your team.

Robust quality of service and resilience

The quality of connection to your business-critical applications is one of the primary reasons to select SD-WAN over a conventional on-premise configuration. Many features within Fonality's managed offering can enhance your connectivity.



Seamless fail-over enabled by automatic load balancing ensures that when one connection fails, app performance will not automatically give out.


Application priority ensures that the most critical applications receive the highest level of service, keeping connections to software such as video chat and collaboration tools robust when there is network congestion affecting some internal resources.


Forward error correction automatically selects the right path for data packets to keep key software tools active without interruption.

QoS rules are set by the user, meaning you can determine which applications and services matter most to your business. Traffic such as voice and video call data can receive priority, keeping
official communications channels open and maximising the performance of the solutions that matter most.

How can managed SD-WAN revolutionise your business?

As you grow your business, you will face new networking needs. A managed network solution from Fonality can be the right option to support your IT requirements if your expansion plans include:
Opening additional offices or data centers
Making more frequent use of solutions such as Fonality VOIP or video chat
Increasing your reliance on cloud solutions
In today's digital-first business climate, expansion will inevitably include networking needs. Responding to those requirements through a high-quality managed SD-WAN offering is a way to bring your company into the future, where your network and your business are inseparable.