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Maximize Bandwidth and Take Total Control of Your Network

Your Network is Your Business

SD-WAN from Fonality is a fully managed network solution which aggregates and maximizes all bandwidth resources, regardless of access type and size.

Fonality's SD-WAN offers mission critical applications so they get priority and QoS they need. That means your business operations can leverage connected technology to sell and service your customers, partners and employees better, without compromising security, privacy, or control.

Take Control of Your Entire Network

Standardize across all your sites  |  Centralize network management  |  Policy-based QoS & traffic routing
Connectivity aggregation  |  Application prioritization  |  Zero-touch provisioning  |  Detailed analytics

Maximize Bandwidth and Save Money

Get significant cost savings while multiplying your bandwidth. Take advantage of all access types; from private, public, to wireless connectivity. SD-WAN is truly access agnostic for all your business needs and branch requirements.

Centralize Management

An intuitive cloud portal allows for easy policy changes and application prioritization- whether globally or by connection, location, application, device or user. Plus, a deep analytic engine for unparalleled visibility into your network.

Simplified Network Deployments

Universal form factor and zero touch provisioning takes deployment time down from hours to minutes.

Robust Quality of Service and Resiliency

Seamless fail-over by aggregating links with automatic load balancing, application priority, and forward error correction. Protect business critical applications such as voice with personalized QoS policies.

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